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  • RonJ RonJ Jan 23, 2013 13:02 Flag

    Team to face Oldham?

    I'd like to see them start with Suarez and Sturridge then once they have a two goal cushion, bring them off for Suso and Borini. The FA Cup still has kudos and is a good way into Europe even if its just Europa League. I'd not like to see any injudicious rotational playacting cost us this second string to our bow for Europe qualification and make no mistake, Oldham will be well up for "Giant Killing"!

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    • I would start with the reverse, Borin and Suso first, and throw in Sturridge and Suarez later, if required. I agree that the FA Cup is ver unpredictable and Oldham could be angling for a giant killing act, but if these players are good enough, then they should be able to deal with Oldham with no help from the 'big guns'.

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      • I'm going to throw 2 out there only because it seems we're a bit dinged up at the back with Glenjo having a hammy now, though I didn't expect him in anyways. But I think there should be absolutely no overlooking Oldham whatsoever, especially considering how poor we were vs Mansfield and Arsenal only a few days later.. Best recipe would be some early goals, into the clear and rest some up..


        Gluasci, Coates, Flannagan, Lucas, Hendo, Borini, Downing


        Gulasci, Carra, Agger, Lucas, Hendo, Suarez, Downing

        I think both are fairly strong though Carra/Coates on the LCB side with Robinson in scares me a bit, but I think any front 3, with the 4th man in support is about as strong as we could put in any game, or in many recent years..

        I'd personally really love to see Borini do well, and get his 2nd goal, first since Europa then injury, and I'd like Suso to get a more natural role and do what we think he can do..