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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 22, 2013 11:30 Flag

    John Arne Riise?

    We don't have any cover at left back, I realise that Glen does a good job that side and that Wisdom is doing a steady if not enthralling role at right back but with Riise looking to be out of favour at Fulham, a loan to the end of the season could be a good deal.

    Riise has always played for teams that allowed him to attack and play a little higher up the field, at Fulham, the back four is a bit more flat and doesnt really suit him. We need some cover but don't particularly need to buy a new lb plus we hear all this noise about experience being required.

    Playing as a full back for us, he would get the freedom to roam forward and try and cause problems, something he was always very good at. I doubt this is likely to happen but I would love to see a couple more long rangers whilst we wait for Enrique to recover!

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    • Col - I agree get the deal done - what's a coupla mil? I would prefer him to Coutinho for reasons already stated. What I meant was that is what the club will do, they will wait til the summer and any club doesnt want their prize asset in the last year of their contract, 9 times out of 10 they move on for peanuts - I mean, I would imagine he wouldn't sign another contract if it was offered - that would force Blackpool to sell and get as much bunce for him as possible. Perhaps that is our game plan?

      If his dad has said that there is not much point moving on and not getting games I couldnt agree more, but surely we wouldnt buy him to put him in the reserves? After all, he is far superior to Sterling in my opinion. Getting rid of him was a joke and someone needs to hex Comolli, or whoever agreed to releasing him for buttons!

    • Hobs...my thinking is the other club Paul is on about but not letting on is UniTURD...and if we go about this deal in a sloppy way we will probably see him end up on their books.

    • Loki...u living in dreamland mate ..his price will drop ? Have u seen much of Tom Ince this season ? Hes been feckin sensational ! Bide our time is what got us into the situation we were in fro so long this season until we brought Sturridge in ! GET THE DEAL DONE !!! We need Tom Ince back on the books.

    • Hobs...yes agree 100% Even the Oi Oi Oyston Family would go for that one andwe would have what we want which is Tom Ince defo on the books !

    • I don't think waiting till the summer is nescesarily an option. I was watching the footballers football show (best programme on tele, even better the galapagus!) last night and they had Paulo Souza, Paul Ince and Kevin Phillips on the show. There was about 20 mins about Tom Ince where the general impression was LFC made a bid, it wasn't accepted, they haven't come back but other clubs have. Paul made it clear he thinks it would be silly to move and not play games.

      The most interesting segment was when it went to commercials, before the cut off, Paul was getting a bit flustered saying "I dont know why everyone thinks it's Liverpool, it's not Liverpool!".

      To be honest, I think the answer is buy the lad and loan him back till the summer, send them Flanagan, Pacheco and Suso with wages paid and he can take Downings place in the squad next season.

    • The thing is, we can just bide our time until the summer and then his price will drop. No doubt Southampton will be putting a bid in before long!

    • psred...there is a stumbling block to these loan ideas...its called Karl Oyston. He is unquestionably the tightest Chairman of all 90 league clubs and Tom Ince is on a pittance of what he would be on with us and theres no way Oyston would pay that kind of wage if he was loaned back to them and of course oe very good reason Ince would want to sign for us is the huge increase inhis salary. I dobt the whole of the Blackpool starting 11 combined would be the salary Ince would be on with us...so unless Oyston has an Ebenezer Scrooge Xmas Carol type Epiphany I think good idea though it is better to wave it goodbye.

    • psred...not only loan him back could even offer for example if we take Ince now...to loan them NGOO instead of him going to Hearts Blackpool already have Nathan Eccleston from us maybe alsooffer Jack Robinson along with NGOO good for us good for them and we get Ince now ?

    • Hey Colin

      That's a good thought that I confess I hadn't thought of.

      Buying Ince and loaning him back would be a good way of sealing the deal - I guess it depends on how much BR thinks he needs Ince in the first team right now.

    • No no and 10 times no! I dont think he would strengthen us at all. Allow one of the reserves to fill in. I know some people have reservations if you'll pardon the pun, but getting regular games (at least 5 on the trot) makes them step up a gear. If they dont do it then, think of getting rid of them.

      The only player I would be happy to see in a red shirt again would be Xabi Alonso, in my opinion the best player at the Euros last year and the best midfielder of his type in the world.

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      • I hear what your saying Loki, but what Alonso has to do with us having no left back is irrelevant. By the way, I think Xabi will be coming 'home' this summer, refusing to open contract negotiations with 18 months to run plus Gerrard/Alonso public flirting.

        Riise might not be the answer but my point is that LB is a position we need cover in right now and we need some experience. It is 6 weeks till Enrique will be back and that is easily enough time to end our tiny, tiny top 4 hopes. Jack Robinson is so far away from being ready, it isn't really worth discussing. We saw what happened to Downing against Lennon, likewise we saw Wisdom go hiding against United. I am not berating any of them but they arent good enough if we have any hopes of acheiving something in the league this season.

      • LOKI...cant agree on the idea , particularly at this stage of the season that reserves such as Robinson should be risked in a 5 game consecutive run to see if they can step up a gear and make the grade.... what if they dont ? The they become a liability and can cost u valuable points as its a weak link u have started each of those games, To me better to start with experience at this point if u can and JAR is a known quantity and knows the drill at Anfield plus he was a very loyal clubman and has the right spirit dont think its nostalgia on my part just cold logic.

      • Loki...defo agree with u on XABI would luv to see him back in red !
        I was well disappointed back when Benitez was shopping the lad out to anyone he thought might buy himthat season when he would have taken 15 mill for him.

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