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  • Loki Loki Jan 22, 2013 21:13 Flag

    Agger for LB?

    As Colin has rightly pointed out, LB is a problem spot for us in the team, so I thought I would start a thread about.

    Personally, I never ever want to see Downing at LB ever again, so how about bringing Carra in to the centre again, and have Agger at LB. Although Wisdom is doing ok, he doesnt offer much going forward. So put Jonno back at RB. I know Danny doesnt have any real pace, but he can bring the ball out of defence.

    That would also give the team its general back - anyone who has been to the game can hear Carra a mile off, and he's on peoples backs for the whole 90 minutes as well.

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    • Thanks Colin for highlighting the left back problem ;)

      It isnt an impossible scenario as Carra has been making all the noises since starting in a good performance against Norwich (albeit, they have a slow frontline) with Skrtel pushed to the bench. Anybody that has seen Agger play at LB in the 4-5 times he has in his LFC career will remember him getting raped pretty much everytime. In my opinion, it is a terrible idea, he is easily spun on the line and just doesnt have the low centre of gravity or jockeying ability to play as a LB, let alone as a LWB. It doesn't mean it wont happen but can you imagine him vs Ox or Walcott at the Emirates or even against Silva/Nasri/Milner a few days later?

      If anything, we would be better playing the 3 centre halves Carra-Skrtel-Agger with Johnson and Downing as Cafu/Carlos style wing backs. To be honest, I think we will stick with Wisdom and Jonno at left back unless BR gets someone in, which he really should.

      The interesting thing with Carra is his voice and organisation, it produces all sorts of calculations of different qualities. Skrtel is better then Carra in terms of pace/speed/strength/heading/attacking/jockeying but Carra reads the game better. The key difference is the boost it gives to Wisdom at RB and to the midfielders in front of him. Skrtel might be individually stronger but Carra being in there definitely raises peoples games around him, if only you can forgive him for the couple of moments that will always happen with him.

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      • This one died down a bit, but fingers and toes crossed, we won't experience any problems at the back vs Oldham tomorrow because Glenjo has a slight hammy, so god forbid Wisdom or Robinson go down, Glen has no cover when playing vs Arsenal.. In that case, we would see Agger at left, and probably Flannagan at right.. or Skrtel, or a 3 CB system..

        Anyways, going back to what I mentioned earlier and a player I've mentioned so much over time.. Here it is on Insua.. He's obviously impressed so much that this is quite a big step for him, and will presumably be an even bigger stepping stone for when he ends up at La Liga's elite or back in the EPL at one of our rivals..

        While the fee isn't much, that's a great move, going from Sporting, a bit of a feeder club, to Atletico who are 2nd in La Liga..

        FYI.. The New York Times very rarely produce these types of stories, or at least I don't see them often, but for what it's worth, I've repeated about 2-3 player moves beforehand or as it's just been finalized, and each were spot on, very bizarre..

    • To be honest it would make me a little nervous in most fixtures. Agger could do the job defensively, and to be honest he's one of the best ball playing center backs around, so don't have an issue with him bringing the ball forward which our current systems relies on the full backs to do. However my concern would be pace.

      Like most center backs he's not blessed with natural speed, but relies on experience to gain a position on an opponent. But out of position and out wide where there is a lot more space for an attacker to operate in this could prove a liability. Especially coming up against Arsenal where he could be up against Walcott I think I'd go with Glen or even Downing rather than Agger.

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      • Along with Dave, it would make me very nervous, but for other reasons..

        I think when Daniel had played there a few times for Rafa and Woy, he did quite well, despite not the best pace, but it has to be said, knock on wood, he's been virtually injury free this season, and that would strain him alot more than CB, and he's probably due a rest soon since Skrtel just got his 1 game off to charge for the next decade.

        Second, Carra did OK vs Norwich, but still had shaky moments, and he was a wreck in that Mansfield match.. I understand he's a leader, very vocal, and knows his stuff positionally, but (and yes he never had any) his pace, along with reaction time = to pace will get blistered in games like Arsenal and City, plus, not sure if anyone's noticed, but when BR has played Skrtel and Carra, he's moved Carra to LCB because RCB is all Skrtel's now, and Carra has looked even less comfortable there.. It's a goal waiting to happen.

        Regarding Wisdom, he runs forward like a duck which is quite humorous, but, I have to say while he's not Glen, or Kelly, he got forward ok on 2-3 occasions during the Norwich match and even had a very nice cut in to shoot from his left, which ultimately showed why he'll be a CB some day, but he was adequate. He's also doing a very fine job defending for the most part, and on our set pieces, he gets up as well as Skrtel, and sometimes appears to get up even higher, so he's a decent weapon..

        I like Glen on the left because he's equally adept on both feet and I like that cutting in to shoot option, though he ultimately will be back at RB.

        I think it wouldn't be the worst idea to have Robinson on the bench, and if possible start getting him 15-20 or more.. He's good going forward, has very good pace, and needs to get stronger. Unlike Flanagan, who I think will be like Spearing, heart but not enough talent, Robinson does have it, and we need to see more.

        It's a shame we gave up on Insua.. I was reading on him the other day and he's doing fantastic at Sporting Lisbon, and I think another club was lining up a pretty decent sized bid for him.. can't remember who, but seemed like 6M ish..

        End of the day, I'd cringe any time Agger had to do a lungbursting run or exert himself, waiting for a groin, thigh or hammy to pop, or a fingernail to crack..