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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 23, 2013 17:37 Flag

    Suarez to Bayern

    Rumour has it that Bayern Munich as planning a big money bid for Suarez.

    If we do sell him I think we'd be silly to sell him without having a like for like player coming in.

    Remember the fiasco before? We had only one striker left when we were trying to get Dempsey but we'd got rid of Carroll.

    So I hope we get a great striker if Suarez goes..

    Personally I hope Suarez stays as he's a great player. However if a really big bid gomes along I can't see FSG turning it down..

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    • You're right.

      And with the money we could replace him with Rooney, Bale, Terry and now Hazard.

      (Cantona has retired hasn't he Davey boy?)

    • This is the press adding 2 plus 2 and coming up with 5 again.

      Bayern has a new coach
      That coaches agent happens to be Suarez's agent
      Stevie says Luis deserves CL football, but we're not there, yet.

      Therefore Luis must be off to Bavaria!

      Bottom line, Suarez would not have signed his contract if he did not believe in what LFC is doing, at least in the short term. I'm sure if his agent had shopped him around last summer he'd have got plenty of offers from CL clubs.

      Yes he does supposedly have a buyout clause reported at 40M which may not be a lot for a player of his quality. However that is only triggered if a club puts in the offer, and Suarez agrees to the move.

      My gut is if we don't get him CL football he may take advantage of the clause, the real question mark is what is his timeframe he's willing to wait. Is it this summer, next summer or beyond that?

      Personally I'd agree with Loki and suggest it’s the summer of 2014, by which time he'd most likely be looking to renegotiate his deal with us anyways because he'd only have 2 years left to run on his current contract.

      So I'd say not a lot to worry about right now, but we do have to keep showing our best players the club is working toward progress, which is something we already knew even before this silly press rumor.

    • I know but you need to listen to the facts. He would not have signed if this clause wasn't in there. If we'd have said £80 million, which club would pay that for him? It's an escape clause if we don't get in the CL anytime soon. If we aren't in it by the end of 2014, he will go anyway and who could blame him?

    • If Torres went for 50 then Suarez should go for 100. He is by far a better player. Let's hope the rumours are wrong otherwise we will be buggerd.

    • He wont be going this month for sure.

      Well I'd be absolutely astonished if he did. We need to and we are building around him.

      We've no need to sell so why should we?