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  • Loki Loki Jan 24, 2013 19:59 Flag

    Reina Barcelona bound this summer?

    I think Pepe has had two very poor seasons in my opinion compared to how he used to be anyway.

    You dont let any player have two bad seasons, be they new or veterans. Once they have had a second bad season, you ship them out. Some players just need a new challenge sometimes, they get stale which I think is what has happened to Pepe.

    Him out and Butland in!

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    • Wow, Colin and Loki very harsh on Pepe! I understand the reasoning, I do. I think he has been excellent this season since returning from injury to be honest.

      I wasn't really intimating any of those keepers as steps up, to be honest, I think they are all a slight step down, this is the reason Barca are coming for our man and not theirs! He has made a few mistakes but those guys have made more, it is just obviously highlighted more when playing for LFC. For me, he is just a natural leader, so loud and chatty, sometimes at Anfield it is all you can here atop the singing and chanting. He has his faults and I agree Begovic looks awesome but he has been the best keeper of my Liverpool suppoting days as a 'aware' fan, I cant start talking much about Grobbelar because a primary school kid is not the best judge!

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      • Hobs...Barca are coming after Reina because hes Spanish and the other keepers u mentioned arent. When u say hes often all u can hear above the chanting at Anfield theres u answer as to why he fits their style...its NOT just as a shot stopper. The Spanish are a very mono lingual culture so having a keeper like Pepe who is Spanish works for them whereas non Spanish-speaking keepers wouldnt.