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  • Jason Jason Jan 27, 2013 18:03 Flag

    Reina Barcelona bound this summer?

    Sometimes Jones seems like he can do some things better than Reina, mainly because of his height and length, but he's hit and miss..

    I actually at one point was proud to say, or try and argue that Reina was best in the world and should have started over Iker for Spain.. now, I think he's had 2+ very bad seasons, though better as of late.

    All this said, and me actually wanting a new keeper, unless he actually says he emphatically wants to leave, or is given the chance to start at Barcelona (which I think he will), we shouldn't do anything until we've got a legit # 1, uncontested starter and true competition beneath him. So if we sign Butland, I think we should sign another, preferrably from the Prem, perhaps Sorensen or Given etc etc..

    Stoke can play their disgusting style of whatever it is they do, and have 100% confidence in both Begovic and Sorensen, and conversely United can win every game 6-5 with shocking keeping from De Gea and Lindegaard, so there's no reason why we can't have two apt keepers..