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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 24, 2013 14:14 Flag

    Reina Barcelona bound this summer?

    There has been lots of speculation recently about Reina going Arsenal/United/Milan but I dont think any of those are at all likely. His father is now claiming that Barca want him and that he is excited to return to his former club. I have to say, it sounds more likely to happen then not.

    We have been linked with lots of keepers too so there has to be a reason for all the smoke. We all know Valdes has rejected a contract extension at Barca and for their fondness to bring old boys back home. Pepe has been awesome and one of my all time favourite LFC players but he hasn't been quite THAT good for the last 2 seasons.

    The problem will be the money, Barca like to get their players into their targets ears and stronghand clubs over the transfer fee and you can see it being a summer long drawn out procedure ala Fabregas. He has got to be worth £15m, just has to be. The next thing will be the replacement and to be honest with you, we are fortunate that there is so many around, here is a couple I can think of, what are your thoughts?

    Jack Butland (most likely)
    Ali Al Habsi
    Asmir Begovic (my preferences)
    Martin Stekelenberg
    Victor Valdes
    Michel Vorm

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    • If our performances don't improve some of our star players may request transfers, and who could blame them?

      Reina being one..

    • Sometimes Jones seems like he can do some things better than Reina, mainly because of his height and length, but he's hit and miss..

      I actually at one point was proud to say, or try and argue that Reina was best in the world and should have started over Iker for Spain.. now, I think he's had 2+ very bad seasons, though better as of late.

      All this said, and me actually wanting a new keeper, unless he actually says he emphatically wants to leave, or is given the chance to start at Barcelona (which I think he will), we shouldn't do anything until we've got a legit # 1, uncontested starter and true competition beneath him. So if we sign Butland, I think we should sign another, preferrably from the Prem, perhaps Sorensen or Given etc etc..

      Stoke can play their disgusting style of whatever it is they do, and have 100% confidence in both Begovic and Sorensen, and conversely United can win every game 6-5 with shocking keeping from De Gea and Lindegaard, so there's no reason why we can't have two apt keepers..

    • Well Brad Jones isn't looking like Pepe's replacement today Colin.

    • Good man, I am not alone :)

    • The thing is mate, I don't see a keeper doing that anywhere in England...or Europe!

    • Hobs...think he has had two poor seasons where its clear he hasnt dominated his area at all. The inability to collect or position himself well for crosses hascost us dear and for once Id like to see us end up with a keeper whocan deal competently with crosses via domination of his area..we havent had a keeper capable of doing so since the "daze" of Ray Clemence.

    • "He isn't as good as he was, that is true, but I think he is being gauged against his own standards more then anyone elses.

      Anybody that honestly beleives Brad Jones is better is completely deluisional."

      Couldn't agree more Hobs

    • Hobs/psred...as u know Im no fan of PEPE this last two seasons think hes suffered a massive dip in form a lot of the time he has looked to have lost that keepers instinct the thing that makes the difference between a great keeper and a good one...we NEED aGREAT ONE....for me that would be Asmir Begovic. 15 mill seems a fair price for Pepe but Id just be pleased to see him gone right now...prefer Jones.

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      • I think Pepe has had two very poor seasons in my opinion compared to how he used to be anyway.

        You dont let any player have two bad seasons, be they new or veterans. Once they have had a second bad season, you ship them out. Some players just need a new challenge sometimes, they get stale which I think is what has happened to Pepe.

        Him out and Butland in!

    • Hi Hobbs

      I agree with pretty much all of that and, despite his dip in form, I still think he will be a massive miss.

      He's a world class keeper and is as good as anyone with the ball at his feet (vital for the way BR wants to play). If you watch closely when Brad Jones is in goal his short distribution is poor and he often goes long which betrays a lack of confidence in his footballing abilities.

      I think we should fight tooth & nail to keep him as I'm not sure any of the ones you mentioned are a step-up.