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  • Loki Loki Jan 25, 2013 16:27 Flag

    Williams bid in the summer

    I really hope this is true, exactly the kind of player we need. I know he's 28, but that's the point! Solid, with the voice we so badly need now that Carra is coming to the end. If we get that vocal ball-winning midfielder, the squad will nearly be ready to challenge regularly for that top 4 spot.

    Be interesting to see him in the same squad as Suarez after what he said as well!

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    • I like Williams, and thought it would have happened for sure had either Skrtel or Agger left, and to be honest, if (obviously 4th is the goal) we're not around 5-6, I think Skrtel may try and leave so we'll be in need, but only because of a few things do I not like it so much now..

      -He'll be going on 29, doesn't matter for me, but you know ...
      -Swans will take more money and perhaps a limb, like Allen esp if there's a release clause
      -I truly believe we're missing on all sorts of talent elsewhere in Europe for players who are young, but very experienced, very talented and less expensive..

      2 examples.. Nastasic of Man City .. he's only 19, and on some days has actually looked better than Kompany this season. He cost under 10M from Fiorentina (Serie A and it's Defence!)

      And, Raphael Varane of Fail Madrid. He came from France, much like the entire Newcastle Squad, but he's been pushing to become a regular for those bums, who have Pepe, Ramos, Raul Albiol and Ricardo Carvalho, and he's only 20. In fact, Joselina says he thinks Varane will become one of the star CBs in Europe. If nothing else Mourinho knows his talent..

      I'd list some others I'd personally like, but for another time. IF Williams is available for something like 6-7, ok, but if they're looking over 10M, which I think they are, I'd say it's a no go, especially since we have to get Coates sorted, staying, going, playing.. etc etc..