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  • So it looks like the fee for coutinho has been agreed.

    Does that, coupled with Ince Snr's comments, mean that Ince from Blackpool is off? Also, I see the same rumours about Williams as everyone - anyone got any inside info?

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    • So when do think this kid will show his face on the pitch?

    • Coutinho is a done deal as per our Fox Soccer over here. They usually do not comment at all on this stuff, outside of the very public and really big ones that persist, like the Cavani, Falcao types.. etc etc..

      Inter Milan played today, and Coutinho was not with the club at all, so they used the word "imminent" which suggests they felt comfortable saying it, and that would suggest medical.

      The only thing that could go wrong is (obviously the physical) any issues with his work permit which haas to be attained, but that said, we've got 3 days to sort it.

      If this of course turns out to not happen, or not be true, I'll shoulder the bad info, but it seems where there's smoke there's a fire.

      As for Ince, I think it's completely off for this window, and my thinking, which I'm trying to do through BR/FSG train of thought is, if we can discuss personal terms with him, and then wait until the summer, while having Downing in his best ever form as a Red, which would not be encouraging for Ince now, I think he'd be a direct replacement, since I think Downing's gone after this season..

      Again, just a guess there trying to use some basics and various points of view. Of course I'd love Tom now, but if in fact Coutinho is true, he can and does play wide, along with 10 spot and attacking from midfield..

      Guess we'll find out very soon either way..