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  • Hi Jason

    I owe you an apology for last night - I let my annoyance at the result on you which was wrong.

    I genuinely try to be positive and only criticise when I think it is deserved so I guess I saw red when being portrayed as someone who's constantly negative.

    Anyway, that's an explanation rather than an excuse and I apologise for getting personal.

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    • PS,

      For the record, I'm usually more present, and I'm currently away for work and studies, so I've had limited time, so I wasn't dismissing you..

      I don't really think the apology was necessary, because I don't get ruffled too easily, and I could tell you were a bit upset compounded with my occasional style, and not knowing how else to deal but poke back a little.. Trust me, being born in Flushing, Queens NY, I got alot worse as kid!

      However, I don't think you are a bad person or whatever, so while again I don't think it's necessary, I'd be happy to move past it. AND, 1 thing I would like to say is, while I am quite sarcastic sometimes, moreso of late, I almost always intend it in some fashion of humor or irony, and if we were all sitting face to face you'd see me smiling.

      That said, I was very upset with that performance, just as much as anyone, and while I thought the team was fairly strong, when considering what was available at the back, and keeping an eye on Arsenal, while giving young but good enough players, it was completely unacceptable. And, after seeing the match again, 2 shocking, horrifying errors at the back by Jones dropping a ball, and Coates getting smothered for a header from a player half his size, I really struggle to not lay majority of the blame at the 11 player's feet, and in hindsight some to Rodgers for maybe not including Carra and either Gerrard or Lucas..

      In all of this, I get extremely pi.ssed off, like you and everyone, I really do, but I come here to express that, but also try and find something positive (if there is any, and there wasn't really), and try to get it out of my system. Sometimes for me, and maybe you'll agree (maybe not), we come here, and you'd think we were QPR.. That also said, 7th isn't good enough, but it's steps forward and we have miles to go..

      I don't think you and I are too far apart on our overall views, though I tend to be a little more positive, and I see more positives on top of liking Rodgers, while justifiably so, you don't see quite as much progress and skepticism of BR. But, if he manages to move us up to 5th or 6th, or even let's say 7th but with dramatically more goals scored, better record at home, more points.. It will be great for us all because in 1 season, a massive ship cannot be turned around, and unfortunately, that's one thing I don't think many give him any credit for especially as a 40 year old, with his first shot at a massive club and more than just a managerial role..

      I don't know how Arsenal and City will turn out, but if we play well enough and get 1 result, or maybe 2 pts, I won't feel to hard done, but if we get worked, then we've got alot more ways to go. He's far from perfect, but so are the existing players on top of the ones he bought.. But like a player, I think he can and will learn too.. nobody can begrudge him his intelligence and beliefs

      Anyways, again I'd like to move past what was said and focus on the club because I love it as much as anyone here, despite that seeming hard to believe..