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  • Jason Jason Jan 27, 2013 18:55 Flag

    Olham game

    You have a serious set of stones buddy..

    As for yet more sarcasm Jason - maybe you should try accepting that as a fan I am allowed to offer a criticism of our manager without incurring your ire?

    For whatever length of time I've been here, I've been noted as a sarcastic person, and usually I intend it to be humorous, obviously not in this instance, but you seem to either ignore or not able to decipher the difference, for which I cannot apologize..

    But for you to say you're not allowed to express yourself or criticize without incurring my ire, is about as hypocrital as it gets.. I commented (sarcasm noted) directly to the thread, on my own, not intended at anyone, and YOU then singled me out, and then followed up with letting me know the stars you gave me for it.. Did I say your name? Did I mention you? Did I reference to what I expect your synopsis or opinion of the team or game was? N. O. NO NO NO.

    It's clear you don't like my style, and a few others, though it seems a fair share don't mind it, agree and even manage to see the humor or demeanor in which I intend it, so again, I can't help you there.

    Here's a couple of black and white facts from today.. Wisdom was terrible, Coates was diabolical, Jones should be taken behind the barn where the injured race horses go, and Sterling, Sturridge, Borini, Henderson contributed absolutely nothing going forward, yet, they're the same players, including Jones and Wisdom who've been included in battering's of Norwich 5-0, Sunderland 3-0 and someone else in the recent trail.

    As for Carra, he's been a brilliant servant to the club, but I personally do not trust him in any game anymore. That's ME, that's my opinion, that's my preferfence... is that ok with YOU? He also, presumably might have been saved for the minnows coming up named Arsenal and Manchester City.. Heard of them? Have you considered that? Either way, whatever the reason, X amount of years doesn't warrant anything if someone doesn't think you can do the job, but again, he normally starts these games as he did Mansfield, so would it make normal, half witted sense to assume Rodgers gave thought to that and had a reason? Unless of course, you were privvy to that and know better and can enlighten us all? If so, please indulge..

    And, for the last time, I'd never suggest putting me on ignore, but if you disagree with my view of the team, Rodgers and direction that's one thing, but if you dislike the manner in which I type in some instances that's another, and to be quite Frank (who's Frank?... get it?) for you to make the statement that you did, quoted above and then use it as the benchmark for how I should talk to appease your liking, is a very poor indictment of you indeed..

    To then follow it up with the stars thing is quite sarcastic and ironic isn't it? I said nothing of course, but credit to you for staying the course, because I didn't realize someone could cry so much, so often, so routinely, so categorically consistent and rhetorical, on a message board. Well done indeed..

    Again, to be Frank (who's Frank.... get it?) If you don't like it, or me, then figure it out.

    PS 27 negative stars and smileys for whatever.. =)