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  • RonJ RonJ Jan 27, 2013 19:44 Flag

    Olham game

    Hindsight is a very precise science, but last week I felt that this was an upset just waiting to happen, and so it did. Dis-respect your opponent and suffer the consequences which we did. Our defence was a shambles with too many changes and too many youngsters. If we had to rotate then why the hell wasnt Carra in there to get a grip of organising? We were bullied out of the game for long periods, part down to inexperience and part down to a referee who allowed a lot of mauling and manhandling to go unchecked. We were denied 2 penalty calls, one when Gerrard was wrestled to the floor and then when Sturridge was clipped from behind, but hey, that fink Lee Probert has proved himself time and time again in the past to be no friend to Liverpool and I think it was with these thoughts in mind that caused Steven Gerrard to exchange quite a few verbals during the latter stages. I was suprised we didnt start with Carra or Jonjo Shelvey cos they both know how to handle bruisers and can look after themselves. Flanaghan and Coates didnt seem to know if they were coming or going and Wisdom didnt shape much better. Up front Luis tried his best with precious little support until Steven and Stuart Downing and Shelvey came on but the changes were dribbled on far too late. Raheem Sterling was bullied out of making any real contribution but I was quite taken aback by how ordinary Dan Sturridge was made to look with no trace of the telepathy that had seemed evident previously between him and Luis. Sorry to say too that Fabio is a complete waste of space and I wont be sorry if we never ever ever sign another Italian again. Last but not least I was very disappointed with Brad Jones performance and if Pepe is off to Barca at the end of the year we had better look smartish in getting a replacement. Funny but Oldhams Dean Bukarkis appeared very useful and used to be on our books but was allowed to drift away...yet another like Tom Ince? At the age of 70 I thought that the years of experience might have given me the ability to deal with setbacks like this but right now I feel all the same "cat kicking" fury I used to feel as a teenager when we'd been tonked by some little club. I still remember Worcester City FFS! Back to the drawing board Brendan!!!