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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 28, 2013 12:29 Flag

    Olham game

    would rather finish fourth than win a trophy?well we'd save on the fuckin brasso won't we?and the footballers wives can convert their husbands trophy rooms into walkin wardrobes cos all they'll need is a little black book with "finished fourth" on each years page.
    They are called HONOURS, they acknowledge you were a winner. You and your team were better, tried harder, beat all before you to WIN.
    You do not go out to come second.
    In 20/30 years time will you remember who came 4th?
    As a kid at school remember how we could all remember previous winners of the FA cups? but we struggled on the runners up?
    You remembered the WINNERS not the losers.
    If you do not want to win then don't fuckin bother entering.