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  • RonJ RonJ Jan 28, 2013 02:11 Flag

    Is Brendan allowed a mistake?

    Yeah...you got it nearly spot on Abu....we did hand it to Oldham,... they were gifted it, and as much as we can point a finger at this player and that player, ultimately the "buck" stops with the guy who calls the shots....the Manager. The team selection caught me out 'cos I was expecting a solid defence but with no Suarez or Sturridge in the usual hope that if we are chasing the game we can wheel the big guns out late on. What I didnt expect was a defence comprising a lot of youngsters pitched in against an Ale House team of hard running bruisers with just Martin Skirtl trying to bring a sembelance of order to proceedings. This sort of "banana skin" encounter was taylor made for Carra but he was left back for the day...on the bench. Shelvey too should have been on 'cos he also seems to know how to handle himself when the going gets rough, and we really did get roughed up a lot. In fact the tables were only turned when Gerrard, Downing and Shelvey came on, rather too belatedly in my opinion. Yeah Brendan is allowed to make mistakes, but FFS what I really cannot accept is him slating the "young guns" in public whilst doing the "Pontus Pilate" and washing his hands of any involvement by himself in this sad affair. If he was man enough to accept his portion of responsibility for this debacle I might find myself able to cut him some slack on the grounds that he's a young manager and we are in transition etc etc. At least we now have a very, very diminished set of targets to aim at which should hopefully ensure our players and manager now remain focused for the rest of the year, and the players do not become over tired by being in too many competitions. Is 7th in the Prem and a decent run in the Europa too much to hope for? I hope not but I've got to say that after todays publicly pronounced "dont blame me" attitude Brendan Rodgers has very little credit left in my book.