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  • Jason Jason Jan 28, 2013 02:29 Flag

    Is Brendan allowed a mistake?

    I don't think there was any lack of focus today on his part, nor disrespect in who he picked.. that was actually one of 2 sides I predicted in the Oldham thread..

    That said, 2 things to consider:

    - We had 3 players 21 years old and younger at the back, and aside from Carra, who was spared for a reason, he was handcuffed with no Enrique (which is a longer issue), Glen, Agger or even Flannagan who's injured now, though not terrific imo. The back was a shambles, totally shocking and Jones was horrifying..

    - Second, we had the late game today, Arsenal played early the day before, and we go there in 2 days. What if (this is hindsight) he'd played Gerrard and Lucas from the start, we still lost, and one of them wasn't available for Arsenal and City? We'd all be criticizing him for that, myself included.

    This was always a tricky fixture, we got them 5-1 last year, harshly on 3 own goals at our place, so revenge is a great motivation, and clearly everyone knew that..

    In reality, with Sturridge, Suarez, Borini, Sterling and Henderson in support, up front, we should have score 3-4, but aside from Suarez it seems not one of them, Jordan aside, could even control a ball, let alone put one in today.. They were almost as shocking as the back 4 and Jones..

    I'm perfectly fine with being labelled a big Rodgers advocate, and defending him more often than not, because that's the truth, so I thought based on what he had available at the back, faced with so little time for Arsenal, he picked a good enough side.. That's obviously just an opinion, and seems most disagree, which is of course absolutely fine.. but I think the team was shocking today, like Abu, Loki and some others.. They let themselves down, they let him down, and they let 2500 traveling fans down, along with us.. It was a diabolical performance and I couldn't even give a man of the match.. maybe Suarez or Robinson who actually played well and could have had a goal or 2 assists.

    I'm big believer in holding players accountable, I know it's different here, but we're SO harsh on our athletes, and I hold our LFC players in the same regard.. I said Gerrard should have been sat on the bench early doors for some terrible performances, and now he's at the top of the league in assists, with 4 (or 5?) goals and not missed a minute in the league..

    Consistency from the group is needed, just as much as it is from the top. If he didn't prepare them, or lightened up in training, then he's 100% to blame, but I don't think anyone could even imagine that, and again, we knew today an upset was ripe to happen. It annoys the FCUK out of me to be blunt! I'm just annoyed with them all, even Ian Ayre, and he's got 0 impact on today!

    And, while I'm laying most of the blame on the players, I will say, BR just learned a harsh lesson on the disappointment of this situation. So maybe he should have played Carra, Lucas, and Gerrard, and dealt with Arsenal as it came.. Ironically, I'd be calling him an idiot, for that. Let's hope we show up, and I really expect us to, for Arsenal, and then carry it to City!

    We won't be taking Zenit lightly, or they'll play us off the pitch and right into Siberia..

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    • Hi Jason.....I'm curious at you saying "...aside from Carra who was spared for a reason".....and are you able to divulge what that reason was?...and if it was a very pressing reason why was he on the bench at all???? Looking at the map, I notice that Siberia is a mighty long long way from St Petersburg.....

      • 2 Replies to RonJ
      • There seems to be a theme out there that if only we'd played Carra everything would have been okay, which proves what an idiot BR is.

        I'm sorry but I just don't see it. Now maybe Jamie would have helped, but it seems to me it’s the fact he did not play that makes him the savior as I can almost guarantee if he had played, and we'd had the same result, there would be plenty of people on here (many of the same people) telling us that Jamie is past it and we should have played the strongest 11 from the start, of which Cara is no longer a part of. I say that would quite a bit of confidence as we've seen those exact posts after less than perfect results in EL matches where Cara has featured.

        But I also look at this from another angle. People say we should have played Cara because he knows how to battle, which is fair enough. However what is the first attribute you'd see when taking a look at Matt Smith? ............ The lad is huge, and knows how to get his head on the ball. So do you play a center back that is 5'10" and is best at last ditch tackling, or do you play a 6'5" center back that is known for clearing with his head?

        Like I said I'm sure that little observation would have been all over the board if Jamie had played instead of Coates, and we'd lost the game.

      • Hey Ron,

        You must be an early riser! 4am there?

        I have no information or source, I am taking a guess there because of our short, and busy week, and because there's a chance Glen Johnson may not be fit struggling with a hamstring.

        I'm not saying he can't do it, but I don't think Carra can perform well enough in 2 consecutive Prem games, particularly the likes of @ Arsenal and @ City.. Maybe someone much lower.. So, what I'm saying is, I'm making an assumption that he may be in line to start one of them, whether it be in place of someone, or for Agger to slide over if we have no left back..

        If he had started against Oldham, and put in the full 95", he'd be (probably) not in contention to start, if needed for Arsenal, again if maybe there's a plan for a 3 CB system, or what I said above.

        I could be totally wrong all together, but he has pretty much started all of our cup matches, alot of Europa, and in some league games where we could get through and give Agger a rest, so him not starting next to Skrtel just seemed odd..

        I'm taking an educated guess really.. Suppose we'll find out Wednesday, and btw I thought our game was Tuesday, so there is a reason for me to say that Gerrard and/or Lucas should have/could have started and played 55-60"

        That's hindsight of course..