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  • Jason Jason Jan 28, 2013 13:02 Flag

    Is Brendan allowed a mistake?

    Hey Ron,

    Silver surfer.. never heard that one, I like it..

    No I really had no inside info, despite all my digging on all sorts of stuff. But, I hadn't even considered what you mentioned about him having a niggle or slight knock.

    At this point, I'm slowly but surely losing faith that Coates can be here, or should.. I think he's shown brilliant glimpses and put in a wonderful performance vs City, where only an awful mental error by Skrtel prevented us from a 2-1 win. I think he's still young and maybe a loan would be best. But, since you rate him (I still want to) then in a way you'd have to have been ok with him starting yesterday then? I know you say Carra could started and organized better, and I agree 100%, but again, with the uncertainy of Glen Johnson, I just see it was a very safe preventative measure. Or, we'd be faced with Robinson, Downing or Agger at left back, and I don't like any 3 there..

    In hindsight, after watching the match again last night, I can lay some blame for Carra not starting, but unfortunately it is hindsight, and I was ok with the starting lineup from the get go.

    Regarding some of Rodgers public comments on players and things like that, if you recall, we had a Rodgers vs Sterling thread started here, where Rodgers was tossed under the bus and everyone assumed he'd put his foot in his mouth, well, who won that battle? (And it was no battle, just twisted that way by some) Raheem signed a 5 year deal.. Then just 3 days ago, we have Downing come out and say "the boss" words about him publically and in private meetings has been a kick up the backside. Gerrard said on Sky, I like BR's "bottle".. that's no PR or smile for the camera talk imo.. As for the younger players, they're in the senior squad, they should be able to take it and will, I'm confident in that. If this was the reserves, or U-18, then I'd be vehemently against that and say he's wrong and could damage them.

    For players like Coates, Wisdom, Allen, Borini, who are all fully grown internationals (wisdom at u-21), to not be able to handle that kind of talk, would say that I don't think they're cut out for first team football, and maybe should be down the road and not Liverpool Football Club.. This is just my opinion and a style I am used to as the American sports fan.. This is common as as the world is round over here, and some players skip school, ages 17 etc and go right to the pros. I'm sure they don't like it, and I can say for sure, our veteran players / captains do and say far worse behind the locker room doors.. And, I'm talking physical sometimes something like a fist !

    Again, just me and my beliefs.. As for Kenny, he did go on one or two similar rants, one in particular after Bolton where he said they were disrespectful and poor, and if they didn't show something else, they'd never put on the Red shirt again and be shipped out (not sure of the date or Jan window). That's a bit harsh, and I LOVED IT! I'm a fan of it..