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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 28, 2013 19:33 Flag

    Is Brendan allowed a mistake?

    Loki, yes he's allowed to make a mistake, and in fact a few so long as he gets it right most of the time, which I think he does. But to be charitable I should also say some of our supporters also are allowed a mistake or two also, so don't want to round on anyone.

    For example, people complain he had a go at the players, as they did when he rounded on Downing for example, yet yesterday same supporters said he should have started Stewie. So was he wrong yesterday, or wrong before, not sure it’s possible to be wrong both times.

    Or, let’s talk about Carra, the man who did not play, therefore cannot be blamed for anything that happened in the match, and therefore would have been the savior if BR had only enough sense to actually play him. But how many posts have we seen from many of the same supporters who recon it’s time to put the legend out to pasture, or others who say we should give youth a chance.

    Or how about why BR did not learn the lesson from the last round which resulted in an anemic showing only saved once Suarez came on. But he obviously did not learn that lesson even though he started not just Suarez, but Sturridge also.

    Bottom line, while I do think it was the players who let us down as they had not learned the lesson not from the last round of the cup, but the trip to Stoke that when you come up against strong determined sides willing to use a bit of muscle, and ref who allows the more physical side of the game, you don't shy away from the fight but buckle down and show us what your made of, it’s also the manager who had to take responsibility. The buck stops with Bucky. Mistakes happen, and they happen to the best of clubs, players and managers and the question is what you do next not what you can't change now it’s happened. But we should also think how wrong we are sometimes. It’s easy to see things after the fact, but there are few who can honestly say they've got perfect judgment.

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    • dsteer....Dave STOKE MANSFIELD OLDHAM not to mention WBA first game of season away these were, all debacles against hard nut battling sides that we thought we could easily overcome with tici taca relentlessly applied...I believe that every manager in The Prem now who has seen those games will be convinced get at Liverpool from kick off and give them a bit of stick especially the players they regard as "a bit soft"...look at the tackle on Joe Allen after 30secs ...and youve got them beat. Whats really worrying is they would probably be right in that assumption.

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      • I'd agree that is what happened in the cup matches and the away fixture at Stoke, but not sure it was the physicality that caused the loss at West Brom.

        However it’s a point well taken, but on the other hand, if that is how we've been outplayed in 3 or 4 of the 37 matches (of which we've lost 9 in all competitions) we've played so far this season, why have not more opponents taken the same approach? Is it that they've tried but we've been up to the task? Is that their managers just could not work out what lower division managers can? Or is it that so called ticki tacki actually works more often than not against aggressive tactics if implemented well?

        Look, I'm not saying it’s not a weakness in our squad, it obviously is (as it is for most teams who go to the Brittania and fail to get a result), but if we play up to our potential it can be nullified. But the simple truth to me is we did not play anywhere near our best on Sunday.