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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 31, 2013 18:33 Flag

    Are our players fit for purpose?

    I'll respectfully disagree based on a couple points:

    I'm not sure how we were lucky not to have our clock cleaned when Arsenal actually only managed 1 additional shot on target than us (6 v 5)

    Arsenal did have the majority of the ball, of that there is no denying, but again resulting in only 6 shots on target does not really add up to much. In fact I think that is a familiar criticism that you and others have of our current system, that is when we dominate possession it does not translate into goals.

    I also have a different view on Reina's outing last night. And, in fact considering he was voted our man of the match by the club website, it would see so do quite a few others.

    Lastly I would agree that Jose was brought in to shore up our left side, however it is sort of telling that he was put on the wing and our clearest chances in the second half came after he came on not before. Actually it seemed to me with Sturridge on when under pressure we looked more like we did with Carroll in the side seeking him out with a long ball we'd hope he'd hold up. However with Enrique on it did shore us up defensively allowing us to move forward with pace with the ball on the deck, resulting in a number of chances that could have won us the game. I'd say a rather astute change that did not hurt us, and came very close to securing us the 3 points.