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    Are our players fit for purpose?

    Just as the heading says..

    Looking at results against weaker opposition Oldham in particular..

    Our second string should've been good enough to thrash Oldham..
    Yet it seems evident to me they're not even fit to play in the Championship let alone inthe EPL..

    So I say again are our players good enough to play for us when we've plans to but up at the top..

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    • Col, for me Suarez was MoM not just for scoring but for the fantastic defensive work he did in the first half, with Hendo a close second but opinions vary Colin!

      I see we've only got 2 keepers now and hasn't Jones just signed a new contract? We will have to buy one of the very best in the world in the summer with real experience. I know nothing about goalies across the world so I would be grateful if someone can give me some recommendations so I can check them out. I wonder if the boy Stekelenberg is gonna be available?

    • Loki according to Dave Reina wasvoted MoM BY THE CLUBS OFFICIAL WEBSITE ? So maybe we were watching a different game to those that voted him MoM ? Yes think he could handle the big club deal when the cros comes over u either shout and hurl u self at it and cut it out or ...u stay rooted to the spot..thats all there is to it....right ?

    • I'll respectfully disagree based on a couple points:

      I'm not sure how we were lucky not to have our clock cleaned when Arsenal actually only managed 1 additional shot on target than us (6 v 5)

      Arsenal did have the majority of the ball, of that there is no denying, but again resulting in only 6 shots on target does not really add up to much. In fact I think that is a familiar criticism that you and others have of our current system, that is when we dominate possession it does not translate into goals.

      I also have a different view on Reina's outing last night. And, in fact considering he was voted our man of the match by the club website, it would see so do quite a few others.

      Lastly I would agree that Jose was brought in to shore up our left side, however it is sort of telling that he was put on the wing and our clearest chances in the second half came after he came on not before. Actually it seemed to me with Sturridge on when under pressure we looked more like we did with Carroll in the side seeking him out with a long ball we'd hope he'd hold up. However with Enrique on it did shore us up defensively allowing us to move forward with pace with the ball on the deck, resulting in a number of chances that could have won us the game. I'd say a rather astute change that did not hurt us, and came very close to securing us the 3 points.

    • thats why you didnt get him..........your not a massive club

    • Colin, they're obviously gonna sell Begovic in the summer. They will have told Butland that. I cant see why we didnt do the same, because Pepe's run his course for me. Like you said, he seems rooted to the spot sometimes. The only thing with Butland is his age. Could he handle playing for such a massive club yet?

    • Dave...mate ANYTHING any kind of performance would have been an improvement over our home performance against Arsenal this season ??? How u can use that one game as a bench mark is beyond me. Its clear to all neutrals whosaw that game last night we were VERY lucky to get out of there and not have had our clock cleaned !
      We cant defend balls from wide areas we cant defend set pieces and WE CANT DEFEND A TWO GOAL LEAD ! Defensively we are inserious trouble and if this problem isnt addressed quickly someone is going to give us a real tonking !
      Reina is not dominating his area hes dithering in his area and thats makig the back line nervous and therefore vulnerable u cant always be glancing backat himto see what hes doing thats how u man gets away from u a la the first goal. We should have bought Butland today for 5 mill rather tha Stoke who dont have a goalkeping crisis. Where was Reina when Geroud ,luckily for us was stumbling about with the ball 2 yds from goal ? Go back look at the game again and yes he made a coupe good saves but thats his job hes a goalkeeper but he was a t fault equally as much in my opinion defo for the second and his positioning throughout most of the game was awful ...teams know to play the ball acros our area from wide quickly they KNOW he wont make the attempt to cut these crosses out ! Unless this problem is addressed somebody is going to murder us. Sturridge was subbed not because hed been ineffective he was effective his runs were great he was brought off because BR knew if he didnt get Enrique on quickly to bolster that side of the field defensively then we were going to get massacred.
      Finally Id like tosay if ONLY BR could get us playing the fast forward FORWARD forward FORWARD football that Wenger has instilled into Arsenal wed be on our way instead of this pedestrian crablike stuff side to side backwards inside out upside down stuff in some forelorn effort to maintain possession u know Im not a stats man but Im sure Arsenal had the lions share of possession last night and looked far more threatening going FORWARD withthe ball than us.

    • loki...we cant defend balls from wide areas...we cant defend balls from set pieces either..defensively we are in serious trouble mate and it needs sorting out ...QUICK or somebody is going to give us a ral tonking ! We were lucky we didnt get our clock cleaned last night..the 2nd half Arsenal were RAMPANT ! I thinkDave must have ben watching a different game to me. Also not altogether sure it was Cara caught out first goal wasnt it AGGER ?
      Never really rated Walcott BUT THIS LAST COUPLE MONTHS HE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN IN STUNNING FORM..would have been nie to have signed him and please cananybody explain to me with our woeful goalkeeping this season why we werent in for JACK bUTLAND AT 5 mill and STOKE ??? who arguably have te best keeper inPrem signed him when one of Butlands demands was that he sign somewher where he will get regular first team action ?

    • Actually Loki I'm not sure I do get what Colin is saying. I saw a display of real character last night, and if I compare this match to when Arsenal came to Anfield I'd say we've definitely moved forward.

      I agree on your points on Reina. Second goal maybe he could have done better, but that was a laser shot, and he'd already saved our bacon a couple of times.

      Seemed to me so long as we kept Arsenal narrow, despite all their possession they were of little threat and point in fact their goal came from a free kick and work down their right side. It’s interesting that BR said after the game he'd been trying to get Jose on between their goals as it was obviously a weakness that had developed as Luis ran out of steam.

      I'd also agree that the switch was a good move, although at the time I wondered why we were taking off a striker for a defender. But in hindsight it shows BR knows more than me, as I think the last 15-20 minutes we looked much more likely to get the winner, as Arsenals only threatening possession seemed to come on the fast break.

      Personally I feel confident going into the city match. It’s a tough ask to expect to take all 3 points from the champions away from home, but I'd say it’s doable. But it’s going to take a disciplined display like we saw last night. We got to take our chances, but also show character if or when things don't go exactly to plan.

    • careful Armchair. Walcott is dangerous for sure but hardly the footballing machine the press make him out to be. When I've seen him up close he's gone missing in games and quite often looked lazy to me. Still he scores goals that's for sure.

      One thing I've noticed that Arsenal's midfield and forward line do very well (with the exception of Walcott) is takeup space between the defensive lines. They alternate when they do it either one of the mdfielders drifting in the there or one of the forward line dropping in. They'll also suck you in quite narrow but leave a player out very wide. Thierry Henry was a master at finding space out there. Passes can then go between defenders to that player in the hole. They tore Reading to shreds in the second half doing exactly that in that 7-4 Captial One game

      We tend to be a little bit too static and still play in lines across the park which means that forward passes are more difficult as players are easier to mark, so it goes sideways. We've still got a way to go for sure

    • With Bayern set to spring Suarez's £40m release clause in the summer.. We'll lose our best player.

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