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  • Jason Jason Jan 28, 2013 02:43 Flag

    Armchair Has Seen the Light!! YESS!!

    Seriously, Sofa (guess that's new), not only did you manage to shift your focus, but you came up with an awesome idea here, that I'd never even considered, nor seen anyone else mention that I recall, so credit given where credit is due..

    I'm not totally conviced that you won't talk about a new stadium by Wednesday, but this was very well thought out, and good thinking! You have seen the light! (or possessed by aliens??)

    I personally would vote (if having the option) to just expand Anfield.. while I was only there once, this past summer for Europa, it was a dream come true, and amazing to me. I can't imagine what it's been like for everyone else here over the years, so I'm very envious, and a big believer in not moving to new stadiums (Yankees did it last year and most of us hate it.. not as loud, different atmosphere, very stuffy people with more $$ and less heart).

    Others are in favor of a 60K+.. but I think if we could get in maybe 10K, and up Anfield to 55ish, then that would help and be great, because for me, again without the experience of all of you, it's iconic and should be treasured.. I'd feel sad. But anyways, again if they could do that, and find ways like you suggested, to continue bringing in revenues like we are already doing, I think it would be magnificent, and really put FSG in some folks' good graces..


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    • To go back to your post a couple of replies ago DSteer. Improving the infrastructure in the area makes complete sense and Liverpool City Council want it too.

      Hotels can be very busy if you add conference centres and room for buusinesses to grow in the area. Shops are open all year rather than just on match days. bars, pubs restaurants etc. all attract trade right throughout the year. If you get the area right then people will visit even if it's locals popping out for a pint of milk.

      The downside (or perhaps it needs to be added to the thinking process) is the UK's current fascination with these big out of town shopping estates and supermarkets rather than the High Street. Come to think of it. Build one of these around Anfield and the place will be nuts all year round!!!

    • Hey Jason, no think it was a miss read. Like you I think the refurb option is not just a better plan but also a more realistic approach than a new build. But the point you might of picked up on is that I'm not sure the idea of sponsoring each individual stand as its being re-developed is the best approach, as I would think if we go down a sponsorship route to help defer some of the costs, a single sponsor for the refurbished Anfield would likely bring in more than 4 separate sponsors for each stand.

    • Well done to whoever helped Armchair come up with a semi intelligent comment, maybe there is hope for him yet!

      We are just expanding Anfield are we not? I don't think there is any debate about that, I think it is just a question of how difficult, when and how big it can go. We have brought up most of the property required so it won't be too long. I don't think they will find another 15k seats but as you said, probably more like 10k. Was discussing with Bobby M the other day and I think at the point of the refurb it makes sense for a ticket price increase too.

    • Jason, I don't want to rain on yours or Sofa's parade, and trust me as an advocate of improving/expanding Anfield I do think the thinking is in the right direction (rather than being in fantasy land) but do think a word of caution is in order.

      Obviously building a new stadium is very expensive, it has no revenue till the day it opens, and even then only brings in marginally more revenue that the capacity of the old stadium, so a refurbishment is a much better option financially. However it’s still not cheap. I don't think hard numbers have been published, but 100 to 150M are numbers that have been mentioned.

      That is no small investment, and the idea that sponsorship alone will pay for it is a bit fanciful. Just to put that into perspective Arsenal received 100M over 15 years for both the naming rights and the shirt sponsorship from Emirates.

      Now before anyone says "well that pays for two thirds of the refurb" think about it for a moment. That's only 6.6M per year, it’s to have their name on the outside of a shiny new stadium, and it’s also to have their name on shirts, not only in display on players but on every punter worldwide who buys a shirt.

      What we could get one stand at a time would be far less than that. We're talking the cost of renting a very big billboard, to put things in reality. What I mean by this is not that it’s not a good idea, but it’s not a magic bullet. There is simply no free lunch out there.

      But I'd also repeat as I've said before size alone does not matter, so we should not be fixated on 60K or whatever. It’s the revenue per seat that is most important, and it seems to me that is where we lag behind the other big clubs, not in capacity. Just think what FSG did about revenues at Fenway with just a minor increase in capacity.

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      • I think its about turning the day into an EXPERIENCE as opposed to having a couple of pints in the Sandon before the game and then buggering off to the Sandon after the final whistle blows.....that's basically my match day experience. Its more about getting people spending inside the stadium, for lunch as well as drink. At the moment, the facilities at Anfield are cr@p. I've done the Heathcotes hospitality thing a couple of times and its not world-beating by any means, the punters need choice!

        As to sponsoring stands, anything that brings in money is fine by me, but the thought of sitting in the 'Chevrolet Stand' leaves me cold. I would rather it be 'The Paisley Stand sponsored by Chevrolet', thats a salute to the past as well as getting a few quid in.