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  • Loki Loki Jan 28, 2013 20:30 Flag

    Armchair Has Seen the Light!! YESS!!

    I think its about turning the day into an EXPERIENCE as opposed to having a couple of pints in the Sandon before the game and then buggering off to the Sandon after the final whistle blows.....that's basically my match day experience. Its more about getting people spending inside the stadium, for lunch as well as drink. At the moment, the facilities at Anfield are cr@p. I've done the Heathcotes hospitality thing a couple of times and its not world-beating by any means, the punters need choice!

    As to sponsoring stands, anything that brings in money is fine by me, but the thought of sitting in the 'Chevrolet Stand' leaves me cold. I would rather it be 'The Paisley Stand sponsored by Chevrolet', thats a salute to the past as well as getting a few quid in.

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    • That's it, the nail on the head.

      Even Reading FC have a hotel bolted onto their stadium. It almost makes sense that away teams come and stay there and pay LFC for the privelage.

      Then there's the whole hospitality thing, parking (most of us know how expensive that can be in the UK), food, drink and basically all the things you naturally do on a match day but all being captured by the club.

      Whay not have stand naming rights? Especially if they have certain in built in bits of hospitality etc. which gives each stand its own unique experience. That is driven by the sponsor and they of course pay Liverpool for the privelage.

      I also thought it was a good idea from Armchair. Bravo!

      Then of course there's the whole thing outside the ground. That's where Liverpool City Council come in as there's the opportunity to completely revamp the whole area. So it makes sense on so many levels. My fear, as I get involved with planners etc. with work is that there's too many fingers stuck in the pie which leads to delays and of course more money. It's a very sad UK trait I'm afraid.

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      • I'm not saying having naming rights for each stand is not a good idea, but just being realistic in terms of how much money can be raised that way. I suspect a deal to have naming rights for the entire stadium would bring in more than splitting it up with the Chevrolet Kop, the Warrior Main Stand, or the Carlsberg Centenary Stand.

        I do however agree completely with ideas for a more inclusive footballing experience from which the club takes some coin. These don't necessarily have to be owned by the club, but maybe done in partnership with local businesses, whether its places to get hot coffee for the kids, or something a little stronger for dad and his mates. As the club buys up properties around the current stadium, thinking through what will replace them in terms of not just an expanded stand, but what sits outside of the stand will be required.

        However again just a touch of reality, while these all look like good money spinners that the club can profit from, let’s be honest there is only a home game every 14 days or so, and the area is not exactly bustling with punters the rest of the time. For example who is going to stay at the "Anfield Inn" when we're playing an away game down in London? Therefore what is developed needs to be well thought through by the club and the local community so its sustainable on non-match days as well as when the crowds come, and serves both the club and the local community.