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  • colin colin Jan 29, 2013 18:01 Flag

    Will Rodgers be sacked?

    NOO NOO...how much down to Kenny and how much down to Rogers ? I couldnt say ..but it has just emerged that Rogers sees an unhealthy trend developing among some of our younger players to the extent that if it isnt extinguished very quickly said players will find themselves playing in DIV 1 rather than at Anfield ! Now this is fighting talk I like to hear coming from the manager and I think he is speaking over the heads of these players to us the fans...and Im all in favour of that because what hes talking about is a potential reversion among some on the books to an era that heralded our demise from the pinnacle of our success the emergence of...SPICE-BOYS ! I obviously cant be sure this is what hes alluding to but my intuition tells me it is and as he says its a very unhealthy trend .