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    Will Rodgers be sacked?

    I hope so for the good of the club..

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    • Seems to me that Rodgers is content on drawing games, that could've and should've been wins..

      This is the side of Rodgers I dislike he doesn't seem to have it in him to get the team motivated enough to go out and crush teams no matter who they are..

      He needs to get us dominating from the kick off, and keep it going until the final whistle. Have we the players to do it is also another bone of contention?

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      • Thanks Armchair lets keep this thread nice and high and see how it goes.

        To me it seems you're blaming and criticising a manager, who's only been in place for 6 months for taking a squad that was only good enough for 8th and probably worse had the season been longer. He's not had anywhere near the funds required to take an 8th or worse placed team and elevate them to PL champions and what's worse is you've only given him 6 months to do it!

        Get real sunshine.

        I'm fully expecting you to now come back and blame FSG for not giving Rodgers a transfer kitty of £1 billion. But as I said this thread will be cyclic. Lose a game you'll be screaming for heads to roll. I honestly hope that we can keep this thread high enough and at the same time win the PL with Rodgers and FSG. Suck eggs woul dbe my repost!

      • You mean like Norwich a couple of weeks ago?

    • ...... sigh .........

    • I don't think he will be sacked just yet, but he's treading a fine line between keeping his job and seeing himself lose a dream job. I don't think the Yank owners will be impressed at all with avoidable defeats and losing out on easy Cup competition revenues. Also, he needs to start taking responsibilities for his actions rather than trying to pass the bucks to the kids.

    • Yes he will, I have heard that the board have become angry and have decided to appoint Lippi and change the philosophy to accomodate older more experienced professionals. It could happen as quickly as Wednesday in order to make a late move for Drogba and possibly bring in Riquelme and Rafa Marquez.

    • And it isn't just us that struggle against the Stokes of this world Sofa! Yesterday was just one of those days that we just didn't turn up simple and plane as that. They deserved it as well they played out of their skin.

      Now its time to move onto the next game which is gonna be tough but we can beat anyone on our day. But also we can loose against anyone. That is why we need to keep on going with BR game plan. But sorry to say it ain't gonna happen over night. And it never was whoever tuck the job.

      With the one of the hotest seat in the EPL because the fans expect us to win everything. Who else would come in and done any better may i ask?

      Rafa coming back? You'd say on paper hes got a stronger team than ours but still hasn't done a brilliant job imho. Should we have given KK more time? Thats a really hard one to call. My heart says yes but my head says no.

      All in all we have a young manager who has a plan. Much like red nose did with manure only he was given the time to make them a great team to tople us from the top. Nothing is gonna get better unless he is given time i'm afraid to say. And i know some are just not willing to give BR or the team that time.

    • Noo Noo..well mate u r naming the names there... u could very well be right and perhaps despite all the early promise he showed which most of us hee seemed to agre he did Pacheco just might not have been "getting his chance" because of attitude ? Thing is u can get one bad apple so to speak and if u are diligent about weeding it out of there pretty soon u have the whole barrel turning. Im NOT blaming Pacheco here as I dont know te truth of all this but I do know that BR spoke out about the "attitude" of some of his charges and for me this was going over the heads of those culpableand speaking direcly to us ...the fans and like I said I appreciate that kind of "fighting talk" from our manager. Its almost tantamount to a "get rid of that attitude or Im going to name and SHAME YOU !!!" ...Bravo BR.

    • I'm sorry but this post is a load of bo!!ox !
      Suarez was signed by KK, his first on his return to LFC (see official website).
      "Kuyt was treated badly, although he is the most hard working Liverpool player ever seen"...so Kuyt was harder working than likes of Stevie Heighway, Chris Lawler, Callaghan or McManaman even to name a few?
      It's also ironic that some of the most recent consistent displays have been from Downing and Henderson.This is not down to BR, but the fact that eventually someone who is U21 England captain on a regualr basis and Aston Villa's player of the year before he left don't become shyte overnight they need time to settle at a bigger club.It's funny how people slagged Carroll off until towards the end of last season when it was beginning to happen for him, yes £35M too much but Kenny's hand was forced with hours to go by the £50M Torres !
      "Borini and Assaidi has future and can be trained very well"....don't think so ! You either know where the goal is or not ie Sturridge who does look a good buy, but don't be surprised if BR end's up eith more failures because they're not up to the PL including the one on his way from Inter!
      Before people say he hasn't had the £20M or s to spend, I don't think he feels comfortable buying superstars because he can't manage them, hence all the buys are Chelski reserves, ex Swansea or Reading.

    • nevertopthe kop ...I had no idea he was with Chelski BACK IN ....2007 !!!??? Yeah with u Ive played the game all my life up until very recently and have to agree Andy alwys looked to have what it takes to get the job done in the middle up front likewise Sturridge buit a s u say Fabio ...who ? As u say he looks "lost" up front no purposefull ness about him the way he moves around and the same problem I think like Joe Allen he doesnt want to be the guy getting the blame for lost possession so he is too ready to put the ball to the nearest player to him always the easy lay of rahter than heads up and where should the telling pass go with the perfect weight on it...oh for a GlennHoddle in the side eh ?

    • Colin, I never said you were critical of Lucas, I merely pointed out that many on this board, and in phone ins etc. were, but as the post was not directed at you, as I clearly stated, I'm not sure why you'd get your back up on this one.

      Again, and it’s really a simple point, if you make an argument it should at least be consistent. In your case you are being consistent, you think you can see if a player is the business in a very short period of time, and if he's not you think it’s best to be rid of him.

      Fair enough while I disagree with you as I think there are many factors that are in play when a player first comes to a new club which do not allow you to see him full potential until he's had a chance to bed in, but I cannot fault your logic or consistency in argument.

      However the person my post was directed to was not consistent. For one player he needs 18 months to see if quality can shine through, while the next less than half a season which included an extended period out of the squad due to injury seems to be plenty of time to make final judgment.

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