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    Will Rodgers be sacked?

    I hope so for the good of the club..

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    • Yes he will, I have heard that the board have become angry and have decided to appoint Lippi and change the philosophy to accomodate older more experienced professionals. It could happen as quickly as Wednesday in order to make a late move for Drogba and possibly bring in Riquelme and Rafa Marquez.

    • I don't think he will be sacked just yet, but he's treading a fine line between keeping his job and seeing himself lose a dream job. I don't think the Yank owners will be impressed at all with avoidable defeats and losing out on easy Cup competition revenues. Also, he needs to start taking responsibilities for his actions rather than trying to pass the bucks to the kids.

    • im not sure if he will be sacked between now and the end of the season, who would liverpool replace him with?
      liverpool dont seem to be any better now than we were under roy hodgeson, should of kept rafa, yeah rafa's final season was a poor one but anyone can have a bad season, remember we were in the champios league every season, won 1 of thos and lost 1 final, now liverpool cant even get into the champions league and are far away from getting back into it, let alone getting into 2 finals. fenway seem to be reluctant to get a quality manager in, under average managers you get an average team. dont be supprised if suarez leaves in the summer, without suarez i hate to think where liverpool would be now.

    • Noo Noo the style of pass & move I agree with..

      It's the quality of players we have that I'm worried about.
      Some are inept..

      We still lack strong physical players who can handle a physical game. We can't seem to battle for balls and keep the ball..

      Oldham were able to harrass our lads off the ball yet we didn't do anything in reply and it's the same with the likes of Stoke... any physical type game we crumble..

      So we need tactics and the players to counter that style of play.

    • And it isn't just us that struggle against the Stokes of this world Sofa! Yesterday was just one of those days that we just didn't turn up simple and plane as that. They deserved it as well they played out of their skin.

      Now its time to move onto the next game which is gonna be tough but we can beat anyone on our day. But also we can loose against anyone. That is why we need to keep on going with BR game plan. But sorry to say it ain't gonna happen over night. And it never was whoever tuck the job.

      With the one of the hotest seat in the EPL because the fans expect us to win everything. Who else would come in and done any better may i ask?

      Rafa coming back? You'd say on paper hes got a stronger team than ours but still hasn't done a brilliant job imho. Should we have given KK more time? Thats a really hard one to call. My heart says yes but my head says no.

      All in all we have a young manager who has a plan. Much like red nose did with manure only he was given the time to make them a great team to tople us from the top. Nothing is gonna get better unless he is given time i'm afraid to say. And i know some are just not willing to give BR or the team that time.

    • ...... sigh .........

    • Well said Andrew. I don't think there's any manager that would make a massive difference to where we are now. I'm saying that based on the players that Rodgers had when he first arrived and the finance he's been given to build a new team.

      The simple truth (in my opinion) is that the lub are doing the right thing. They've chosen a young manager who is hungry and willing to build a new direction and footballing side of the club. He's also playing the right type of football for Liverpool. He simply needs to be given the time and money to make that happen. I don't think Armchair is prepared to wait for that. he wants Rodgers out after 6 months and only one transfer window. I doubt he would have given Shankly the time if I'm honest. Heaven forbid what Armchair would have been sayng when we went 5 years without a first division title under Shanks.

      Without spending huge there's no quick fix. Even after spending big it still takes at least 2 seasons for it to really bear fruit. Chelsea and City are evidence of that. So it comes down to choosing your direction and going with it and build it up surely and steadily.

      We are in a pretty decent position financially even without the CL money so we're far from dead and buried. Stick with it I say

    • dsteer..Dave I understand what u say about giving Rogers signings the same amount of time as I would have liked to have seen Kenny's signings given ..u are right but I think the point I was trying to make was that Kennys signings were being slagged on this board within months of being signed. Of course much of this was the "venting" that I mentioned is one of the benefits of being a contributor on this board but some of it did seem to me frankly to be a bit infantile.
      I am of the opinion much as many on here were where Andy C was/is concerned...that Borini and Assaidi will not make it we could argue for ever about their respective merits or lack of but ...its just an intuition that comes from watching and playing the game for so many yrs. I think Allen has abilities that he just doesnt currently seem to be able to bring to the surface and contribute on game days...I believe in his case hes so used to BR's tactics from back in his Swansea days that he will continually make the easy pass sideways or backwards to the nearest player for fear of being the one sited for loss of possession this rather than upping his game and going for perfectly weighted passes to players in more advanced positions IF he can get by this I still see him as being potentially an everpresent for us and an exciting player BUT right now think the lad has lost all confidence and his game is suffering some come out of the funk and others dont time will tell what he will do.

    • Ah venting, got to love it every now and then.

      I'm also in agreement with DSteer. How long has it taken Downing and Henderson to start to show some promise? A season and a half! Question is how much of that was down to Rodgers and how much down to Kenny? Food for thought there!!

      The point I've been trying to make is that at least now we're seeing players that can and will work within Rodgers system. I don't exactly know what Allen's problem is because there's something about the way he sees and plays the game that I like. There aren't many 22 year players that can sit deep and try to move the ball around like he does. off form for sure but far too early to be judging IMO.

    • NOO NOO...how much down to Kenny and how much down to Rogers ? I couldnt say ..but it has just emerged that Rogers sees an unhealthy trend developing among some of our younger players to the extent that if it isnt extinguished very quickly said players will find themselves playing in DIV 1 rather than at Anfield ! Now this is fighting talk I like to hear coming from the manager and I think he is speaking over the heads of these players to us the fans...and Im all in favour of that because what hes talking about is a potential reversion among some on the books to an era that heralded our demise from the pinnacle of our success the emergence of...SPICE-BOYS ! I obviously cant be sure this is what hes alluding to but my intuition tells me it is and as he says its a very unhealthy trend .

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