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  • ANDREW ANDREW Jan 28, 2013 12:50 Flag

    Oldham in reflection

    Coats had a bad day at the office but didn't have that much support around him either.AS you say Carra would have been in his ear all match he didn't get that from those around him.

    Simple thing to see yesterday is they wanted it more than us. Putting in a SToke type performance that we just didn't handle well at all.

    But all credit to Oldham they deserved it over the 90mins simple as.

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    • Completely agree, they were bang up for it and got what they deserve, especially good luck to them against Everton in the next round :) To be fair, Everton don't have a physical problem so I would expect them to batter to Oldham, also, they are more likely to play a full strength team at that stage.

      I know what your saying, it isn't like Coates was slotted into a first choice team, it creates uncertainty all around. Skrtel didnt seemt o be showing a lot of organisation or leadership, he just kinda does his own thing.