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    Oldham in reflection

    I was definitely not a happy bunny yesterday, to be honest, it was the first time I had been dissapointed with a teamsheet for a while too. 1st of all I have to say, I fully understand the concept of starting Coates, on paper he was very much the man for the job. Strong and dominant in the air, this game had his name written all over it but he flopped so hard it was scary. He was bullied, never won a contested header (did ok when unchallenged) and just looked slow and cumbersome, he was a big problem for us. When we were being linked with Ashley Williams and selling Coates in pre season I was pulling my hair out but it is funny how quickly things change!

    Brad Jones had an absolute howler, possibly the worst keeping display I have seen at LFC since Dudek against Charlton in 2004 (Kevin Lisbie hat trick!). He couldn't deal with anything and I am praying Reina will be back for Wednesday.

    Jack Robinson showed why we need some left back cover. Looked ok going forward but looked like a school boy at set pieces and challenges. When he decided to shoot from 25 yards rather then square to a free Suarez was remarkable, then to tell him to "F*** Off!" afterwards so publicly was stupid, just stupid. Sterling had me gasping everytime he made a tackle, he looked a huge risk of a red card, at least he wanted it. Borini, well, he just carried on where he left off earlier in the season.

    I think Allen and Hendo got a bit of unwarranted stick, don't really think they did too much wrong, Suarez and Sturridge started well but weren't really getting the service in the right places. We are heavily reliant on support from our wingbacks and we just didnt have wingbacks in this game meaning we were forcing our way up through the middle.

    I thought Stewey and Gerrard were both excellent when they came on too, too little too late though.
    I think we could have had 3 penalties on another day too, but it is no excuse for not beating a league 2 side. One tackle that I questioned was the foul on Allen after 30 secs, I thought that could have been a straight red!

    My biggest bug off the day was the selection. Jamie Carragher was born to fight in these games, to marshall the defence and keep people up for it but he was seemingly rested, now this is the scary part, rested for what? This suggests he is to start at The Emirates, anybody smell a problem? Theo vs Carra, interesting choice!

    Jonjo definitely deserved to start the match too, if you want a bit of fight then he is your man, I honestly think just him starting would have made the difference. BR came out to say we aren't a soft side the other day but he is wrong, we definitely are. As soon as a team presses us and hounds us we begin to make mistakes, I love what we are trying to do but we are lacking some steel at times.
    I guess a positive is that we can be more concentrated on trying to improve our league position and there is now no confusion about expectation and targets. The target is 'win the europa league and finish 4th', the minimum expectation is to finish 7th, as bad as that might sound, thats the best we have managed with more experienced squads in recent times.

    We need left back cover and we need Pepe Reina!

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    • Good post Hobs

    • Coats had a bad day at the office but didn't have that much support around him either.AS you say Carra would have been in his ear all match he didn't get that from those around him.

      Simple thing to see yesterday is they wanted it more than us. Putting in a SToke type performance that we just didn't handle well at all.

      But all credit to Oldham they deserved it over the 90mins simple as.

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      • Completely agree, they were bang up for it and got what they deserve, especially good luck to them against Everton in the next round :) To be fair, Everton don't have a physical problem so I would expect them to batter to Oldham, also, they are more likely to play a full strength team at that stage.

        I know what your saying, it isn't like Coates was slotted into a first choice team, it creates uncertainty all around. Skrtel didnt seemt o be showing a lot of organisation or leadership, he just kinda does his own thing.

    • Been observing posts from the sidelines until now. I have to vent my frustrations as to why we even NEEDED to rotate? We were going into this game on a high with the team finally playing like a team. This therefore was a chance to cement this team together in a match with 'weaker' opposition; and if we do need to rest players, isn't it better to take tired players off once we're ahead, giving the 'kids' a chance to shine without the pressure, rather than chasing the game late on. Now we've taken YET another backwards step, confidence wise.

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      • BR was never gonna put his first team out against a team like Oldham. They were up to speed all over the pitch we were not simple as that.

        We are a work in progress and anyone who thought it would be any differant needs to come back down to earth. No team even those that have money thrown at them get to be a class act all at once. Man City anyone? And they are still not getting it right especially this season.

        So as much as it pains me to say it. We are gonna have afew more days like yesterday before we get that winning mentality. But it will come if BR is given the time he needs and the right players for the job.