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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 29, 2013 13:48 Flag

    Team to face Arsenal at The Emirates?

    Looks good to me, although I'd likely switch Henderson and Suarez. But, to be fair wherever that front line is at kick off, with the exception of Downing, they are going to interchange anyway.

    On Cara, I think your right, despite all the glowing posts of how he would have been our savior if only BR had the sense to play him at Oldham, I think against the speed of attack we're likely to see in the next two fixtures he's not ideal.

    However it might also be that he was rested so he's available for the next 2, but not necessarily as a starter. He himself has said at his age it’s hard for him to recover for 2 games a week. If anything happens to either Agger or Skrtel I'd rather a fresh Cara coming on rather than anyone else, plus there is always the possibility he could be deployed from the bench as a defensive midfielder or even an old fashion sweeper if we're looking for a calming influence to help get a result.

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    • I was thinking Henderson on the left as the whole inverted widemen worked well against Norwich with the full backs pushing up. I doubt we will be allowed so much high possesion against Arsenal though. I like the idea of going for experienced rafters to start then having the luxury of Sterling to come on and open the game out.

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      • I think BR will go with Glen on left back and Wisdom on RD. Enrique has been out longer than Glen and may need to be massaged gently back in. But should BR go with Jose, then Downing will play on the left of midfield to counter the speed of Theo and or Oxlaide. As for CB, unless there is a major problem with Agger or Skrtle, I don't see Carra starting.

        I also havev this premonition that BR will start with both Lucas and Allen in midfield. That will see Henderson being sacrificed and Gerro moving a bit forward.