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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 29, 2013 09:40 Flag

    Team to face Arsenal at The Emirates?

    BIG GAME. It really is make or break for us this week, if we have any hopes of finishing in the top 4 then we need at least 3 points out of the next 2 games or we are likely to need a lot of emphasis on freak results.
    Arsenal are very similar to us this season, capable of absolutely stuffing someone one minute then falling over a few days later, I guess that is pretty clear by us being 3 points behind at this stage. They started much better then us but we have closed the gap on them so we have better recent form. It is going to be an interesting one, that is for sure.

    The good news is the returns of Johnson, Enrique and Reina, great news all round. I have this sneaking concern that Carra was rested at Oldham and Rodgers plans to keep faith with him after the 5-0 Norwich home win. All good if we were to play a slightly deeper counter attacking game but if we are to play the BR way, a high line and Theo Walcott on his shoulder, it all looks a bit worrying!


    Subs: Jones, Carragher, Wisdom, Shelvey, Sterling, Borini, Allen

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    • Looks good to me, although I'd likely switch Henderson and Suarez. But, to be fair wherever that front line is at kick off, with the exception of Downing, they are going to interchange anyway.

      On Cara, I think your right, despite all the glowing posts of how he would have been our savior if only BR had the sense to play him at Oldham, I think against the speed of attack we're likely to see in the next two fixtures he's not ideal.

      However it might also be that he was rested so he's available for the next 2, but not necessarily as a starter. He himself has said at his age it’s hard for him to recover for 2 games a week. If anything happens to either Agger or Skrtel I'd rather a fresh Cara coming on rather than anyone else, plus there is always the possibility he could be deployed from the bench as a defensive midfielder or even an old fashion sweeper if we're looking for a calming influence to help get a result.

    • Works for me. Strongest side possible please.