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  • Colyn Colyn Jan 29, 2013 10:23 Flag

    How do you measure progress and what is acceptable?

    interesting way of looking at it Hobs. Not the way I had in mind but it works if people want to see numbers on the ground.

    I'm looking at it in a subjective kind of way where I look at the squad and the players in it.

    last year and for many years beforehand we had a squad which was completely out of balance. It ontained players that simply didn't play, weren't suited to each other and certainly not suited to the way Rodgers wants to play. That is now being turned around, slowly but surely. I'm encouraged that evry new player that's arriving at Anfield is a fit for what the squad needs and the way Rodgers wants the team to play.

    There's still players to leave and holes to fill but I'm now starting to see a squad that is built to play in one way. Their strengths as players are suited to that style and therefore they compliment each other. Beforehand that whole side of the club was a mess.

    So if we can consolidate into that style of play this year, then every addition to the squad from here on in only makes us stronger and that means more points etc.

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    • I think numbers on the board are quite important, last year we still played some excellent football but didnt get the points or goals our performances were deserving off, created the most chances and had the most shots but ultimately were not good enough to finish them off. Nobody remembers if we played well, they just remember the table. We are playing, I would say, much better football then last year but we have more conviction about us, more so in the last 10-12 games then the first.

      I know there is a few of us happy with the direction but I think the post makes a good argument to those BR knockers, would like to see what they have to say in argument, I doubt it will be very substantial.