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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 29, 2013 13:19 Flag

    How do you measure progress and what is acceptable?

    Agreed, I think we will finish with both more points and a higher position, not by much but 7th place is where we are at and we are certainly better then the teams below us and I dont really see Arsenal or Everton as being any stronger then us whilst Chelsea/Spurs might just be a bit too far ahead given our poor start.

    It is crazy to think we just need 6 wins in the next 15 games to improve on last season, shows how bad a second half we had. I am thinking we will pick up more like 24 points out of that which is 7 wins 3 draws and 5 defeats, not world beating but as a minimum expectation it may well have to do!

    Next season scares me where most would find comfort, I know BR can coach kids, I know he has a good footballing blueprint and he can definitely talk the talk. This is the window we have been told we will be strongly reinforcing but there is just no indication where or how that plan is to be exacted, it could be his Kenny spending disaster or it could be his and our making. It would be heartbreaking to see another huge financial commitment from the board go unwarranted, this time it has to be near enough perfect.

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    • I agree. Our form during the second half of last season is very quickly forgotten by most.

      I also share you concerns about the next transfer window in particular. I do however take some comfort in that Rodgers and the scouting team seem to be very clear in the type of player they're looking for. It seems to have purpose. For so long, even all the way back under Rafa anyone might turn up a the door. In fact you could say Dalglish was guilty of it a long time ago with the likes of David Speedie signing amongst one or two others. very odd!!!!! Apologies I digress.

      I'm also concerned about Europe. Assuming we qualify again one day then there's that whole learning curve. I know Rodgers will no doubt be looking at our current Europa league form, games etc. but there's evidence (Udinese for example) that the squad and manager have a bit to learn there.