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  • RonJ RonJ Jan 31, 2013 00:12 Flag

    How do you measure progress and what is acceptable?

    This is my very slanted view on progress in a nutshell. In 2006 David Moores, a son of Liverpool, sold LFC 'cos he believed that he had taken the Club as far as he could, and we needed a financial benefactor to provide fresh investment so as to enable us to attract the best players and compete at the highest level. Foreign Carpetbaggers and asset-strippers Hicks and Gillette bought the Club with our money and by 2010 had nearly bankrupted us. American businessmen John Henry and FSG took us over and initially allowed the proceeds of the sale of Nando Torres to be used, maybe a little injudiciously, to bring in new players. The first full season did not pan out too well, so rather than allow a little time for things to settle, a new policy was formulated based on young "moneyball" players and staying within strict finacial limits. While we are doing this, other teams are not standing still, so to sum up progress, other than last years League Cup, we have not won anything of any significance since 2006 and still have insufficient "financial clout" to attract the best players and compete at the highest level. Most significantly in those 7 years, we have swapped a Liverpool lad, whose heart was in the Club and who knew and understood football, for a financial organisation with no heart or feeling for the Club and little or no understanding of the game of football other than "LFC" being a "World Brand". Is this a measure of progress for a fan? You tell me.