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  • colin colin Jan 31, 2013 18:11 Flag

    How do you measure progress and what is acceptable?

    ron j...Im with u mate its NOT progress from the standpoint of the type of fan thee and me are BUT the young turks on the board werent brought up in the atmosphere of Anfield back when u had 30,000 fanatics swaying in unison and roaring themselves hoarse on The Kop willing the lads to ...WIN !!!
    They will tell us that "Football is a Business now Old Timer" so we should "Calm Down ... Calm Down !"...lol. They most of them only KNOW Mr Shankly and what he really meant to this clubof ours from what theyve read and maybe in some cases from what their dads have in tearful nostalgia tried to tell them of that time.
    Of course to us transfers seemed to come out of the blue and of course back then we were talking about incoming...who wanted to leave once they had ARRIVED ? We didnt much care what anybody cost us it didnt long remain a talking point. We never saw or cared to see a club balance sheet ...Whats one o' dem ?....as we paid our money and filed through the old turnstiles...click... click FFP wtf would that have meant to us back then ? Most of us back then in our late teens early 20ies didnt have wads of cash to spend we were lucky a lot of us to have enough to see the match and have a few pints before and after the game and talk and laugh about the voodoo the Lads in Red had worked on the opposition yet again ! No mention of the financial viability of the club we supported home and awayHappy Daze eh ? Progress?...Dont make me laugh.