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  • Looks like he doesn't want to talk to us!


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    • I was actually thinking that Butland almost makes sense for us if the Reina stories are true.

      Truth be told I've no real idea how good he is to be honest. I haven't seen anywhere near enough of him and I've become increasingly sceptical of the true ability of yound English talent, thanks to our creative press.

      How old and bitter does that sound!!!

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      • Don't know if it makes you old and bitter, but I'd call you realistic.

        Actually I think Butland would be very smart to avoid going to Chelsea right now. In fact not sure he should be in any hurry to join any prem team, especially one that most consider a bigger club (including ours) where he'll get lots of media attention.

        Seems to me we've had dozens of young English keepers who are supposed to be great, and end up just being decent at mid table or lower clubs. He moves to a big club as a number 2 every minute he's not playing he'll be talked up as the player to challenge Hart for England’s number 1 shirt, but at the same time getting no real game experience to actually help him get any better as an actual player.

        The lad is only 19 which is a baby for any footballer, but really an infant when it comes to keepers. For the player himself the best thing is to get as much regular football as possible to learn and grow from, rather becoming a number two where he'll always be in shadows.