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  • I know LFC gets connected with every player who is and isn't available but I thought there was something in your interest in Butland. Seems not, according to his agent:


    It makes sense for us to sign him. We only have eight keepers on our books at the moment.


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    • The only thing I can think of is that one of Courtois or Cech will be sold this summer with Buckland to become the no.2 behind him. Hilario and Turnbull will no doubt be released this summer as quite frankly, they are both awful.

      I think it would be a bad move for him on a personal level as he would have little chance to command a place over either Cech or Courtois but money talks. I think you may trigger other clubs interest by making your bid also. I imagine should you sign him he will be loaned back for the remainder of the season till you get your glove wearers situation addressed.

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      • The worst job at any club must be reserve goalkeeper.

        I'd be extremely surprised if Cech left us. He seems very happy at Chelsea and I think his contract was recently extended into the far future. I'm not sure Courtois will ever play for us. He has done fabulously well at Atletico and seems to be happy there. Why would he leave Spain to be number two to Cech?

        Maybe Butland should be number two to Cech for a while or be loaned out to some Premiership club. If we do buy him for £3.5m we'll very likely make a big profit out of him in a few years if he doesn't end up replacing Cech. It's a silly price.

        I think both Turnbull and Hilario have been adequate reserve keepers. Hilario's getting on a bit. Perhaps he has a juicy bit of gossip about Roman he is keeping to himself.


    • Looks like he doesn't want to talk to us!


    • Perhaps you could loan him out again with the other 23 players that are too young and inexperienced to contibute to your very thin and tired squad?

      Welcome to the world of Benitez where nothing is ever enough!

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      • Far be it for me to defend Benitez but I am sure this has nothing to do with him. For a fair few years player purchase, retention and letting go at Chelsea have apparently been driven by dark forces beyond the temporary incumbent of the manager's chair. Every comment I have seen by Benitez suggests this continues, whether it is buying new players or retaining or otherwise older ones. Read his interviews and he sounds as much in the dark as the rest of us.

        I think his job description is "don't worry your pretty little head about buying and selling, or managing any aspect of the club. We'll give you the squad you need, you go and win stuff." Unfortunately, he's fast running out of trophies to win. Five and a half down (three not on his watch), just two and a half to go.