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  • Jason Jason Feb 3, 2013 14:03 Flag

    Is our manager fit for purpose?


    Operative words are, "I have a picture"... I took it from the television of a table they put up about 2 weeks ago..

    So, obviously you can see 2 things.. I don't care that much about Chelsea's statistics, and the program was obviously wrong.

    I noted the "picture" twice.. Wouldn't be the first time someone would have been wrong here, and won't be the last, but it wasn't intentional on my behalf or making something up. I just found it interesting, and indicting about him, and if he's not managed that many league games then I suppose it would include cups for all intensive purposes like you said.

    As for me trying to out literal you, impossible, it can't be done.

    Either way, Rafa sucks... IMO