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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 30, 2013 22:56 Flag

    Is our manager fit for purpose?

    Yes, it's Chelsea but I need your opinions.

    79 minutes gone, Brentford 2 Chelsea 1. Substitution, Benitez takes off defender Ivanovich and with Ba sitting on the bench, sends on defender Azpilicueta. Ba comes on several minutes later and almost immediately sets up Torres for the equaliser. 2-2.

    92 minutes gone, Reading 1, Chelsea 2, Reading have their tails up having just scored. Benitez takes off Torres and, with JT sitting on the bench, puts on Ba. Reading equalise, 2-2.

    Is it just me or is there something obviously daft about these substitutions?


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    • Jason..thee and me have our little differences of opinion ..lol..from time to time BUT u are a loyal fan of our club and I support u in u sentiments where this Robert M is concerned ..he never has anything positive to say about our club or its players or management...he simply seems to want to ram his opinions about Chelski down our collective throat.....MY ADVICE TO HIM WOULD BE... GO TELL IT TO SOMEBODY WHO GIVES A SH@T YOU POMPOUS PR+CK !...I strongly suspect he landed on our board after everybody on the Chelski board had pressed the ignore button on him for being a WORLD CLASS BORE.

    • Yes, Jason, I think your sarcastic tone earlier in the thread was indeed inappropriate, when you were talking down at me from a position of being wrong. But instead of apologising for it, you raise the stakes with more small boy big talk bluster. You call me arrogant - don't you think that word applies rather more to you in this?

      As for being invited to leave the board - that's generally a message from someone who has thoroughly lost the argument. This is no exception. And, of course, another form of arrogance.


    • OR, perhaps you could go to the Chelsea boards, or any of the18 other clubs?

      While you may find some of my sarcasm as "inappropriate" and say some others do, that's your opinion, and an opinion doesn't make something "wrong" or "unsuitable", hence making that a poor choice of word by definition, but he who knows all, knows best.

      Conversely, I can say without an opinion, I'm not the only one who doesn't like you here. I wasn't the first one, and certainly won't be the last one to use "pompous" and "arrogant" in the same thread as Sir Robert M.

      Have a nice day your highness, I'm off to watch our club play City.

    • In some ways yes he's helped.. h's also caused upheaval each time he sacks managers..

    • Yes, the picture/program was either wrong, or misleading as I said at the start, and your extrapolation was wrong and the whole tone of your previous post rather unfortunate in the context. But no apology.

      Perhaps you should calm down a bit with the sarcasm on this board. I don't think I'm the only one who finds it inappropriate and think it diminishes the quality of your messages.


    • Robert,

      Operative words are, "I have a picture"... I took it from the television of a table they put up about 2 weeks ago..

      So, obviously you can see 2 things.. I don't care that much about Chelsea's statistics, and the program was obviously wrong.

      I noted the "picture" twice.. Wouldn't be the first time someone would have been wrong here, and won't be the last, but it wasn't intentional on my behalf or making something up. I just found it interesting, and indicting about him, and if he's not managed that many league games then I suppose it would include cups for all intensive purposes like you said.

      As for me trying to out literal you, impossible, it can't be done.

      Either way, Rafa sucks... IMO

    • Well, if you say so. But in the thirty five years I supported Chelsea before Abramovich came along we won three FA Cups, two cup winners cups and a League Cup. In the nine years of Abramovich we've won four FA Cups, three leagues, two ileague cups and one CL. That's more trophies than United in the same period. He looks more like our saviour than our problem to me.


    • Your problem is Abramovich.. If he stuck with a manager like Man U do with red nose.. they'd have long term success..

      As the team would have direction and purpose. When managers are constantly sacked then the purpose and direction is lost.

    • Yes, it's about even in league matches, before yesterday's game which we lost. So now it's 22 points from 13. But under Benitez we have also failed to win the World Club Championship, been knocked out of the league cup and nearly got dumped out of the FA Cup by Brentford.

      On this board there has been huge detailed discussion about whether your last three or four managers individually took you forward or backwards, partly in order to justify or criticise the decisions of your owners. RDM no doubt got sacked for failing to get us through the CL group and that doesn't really compare to anything Benitez has done yet. But in other comparisons Benitez looks like a negative step on from RDM, not a positive one. So far.


    • Jason, you should check your data more thoroughly before you either try to out-literal me or beat me into submission with sarcasm. The whole of the substantial part of that post is rendered nonsense by the fact that Benitez has not been in charge of Chelsea for sixteen league games. After yesterday he has been in charge for 13 league games, accumulating 22 points.

      Perhaps you should find out what your table includes, clarify it, and apologise for the gratuitous commentary.

      Am I happy with Benitez? I said at the start of his short unhappy reign that I didn't like him and the sooner he went the better for me. In the meantime I would like Chelsea to win every match. But whether we win or lose every match isn't going to change whether I like him or not or want him to stay.

      From an objective point of view, the results under Benitez have not apparently improved over his two predecessors. If anything, they have been getting worse. However, my impression is that the Chelsea team is absolutely knackered, having played two games a week with very little rotation since August. This goes some way to explaining why we have been shipping lots of goals late on in matches.


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