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  • Hobsey Hobsey Jan 31, 2013 14:03 Flag

    Team to face City at The Etihad?

    This is the toughest remaining fixture of our season so in someways, there is just everything to win here. If we can scrape anything out of the game then I have confidence we can have a good tilt at closing the 4th place gap if not actually make it up. Massive pressure on City to win, it could well be the end of their title hopes for the season, a 10 pt gap would be hard to assail against 'them'.

    BR was giving the impression that Coutihno won't be involved for this weekend but Enrique looks to be fit enough to start and I am pretty sure JC will have blown out after a war at the emirates last night so enter Martin Skrtel.


    Subs: Jones, Carragher, Wisdom, Shelvey, Allen, Sterling, Borini

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