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  • Miguel Miguel Jan 31, 2013 17:22 Flag

    Rodgers Accepting the Blame..

    Good post and an example of how the post Oldham press sensationalised brs comments which now appear much more sane. On a point of semantics Jason, he did not accepet blame for wrong selection but instead qualified it by saying he had to use younger players ib the absence of older more experienced ones.

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    • Miguel,

      I don't even think it's the press that sensationalize what he's said, it was very black and white, and more a matter of the reactions here and on various other forumns. Some see the comments for what they are, and others view them in other lights. That's each person's personal view and opinion, but sometimes it seems when he talks post match, he's "damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't".

      Again for me, I thought it was a plenty strong enough side for that match, and with plenty on the bench as well, but he could have started Gerrard, Lucas and Carra, but none of them could have prevented Jones' diabolical mistake, or mistakes from Wisdom, or Coates getting absolutely outjumped and outmuscled for a ball he should win 10/10 times.. We didn't do anything in the final third, with Suarez, Sturridge, Borini and Henderson, so Sterling / Downing aside, not sure what else could have been done there..

      But interestingly, I had a thought similar to this, a comment I heard on Sky today when talking about Rodgers... "If he can't play some of these players now (a game like Oldham), then when can he play them"? That's a very legitimate question to ask really.. Certainly not at Arsenal, not at City, and not at Zenit St Petersberg surely?

      They have to play at some point, and if there's injuries and fatigue from others, they have to be ready for whatever match it is, not matter how big..