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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 31, 2013 17:57 Flag

    Rodgers Accepting the Blame..

    Hope this keeps those who like to pick at the managers every word happy.

    Personally I don't blame BR for the loss at Oldham, it was the players who let down the club, however as manager he does, and has taken responsibility.

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    • Hey Dave, I dont usually like to pick at every sentence scribed on this Board but were you taught by Yoda? I was glad that BR reflected upon what he had said in haste and frustration and was big enough to recognise a collective fault in the teams poor performance at Oldham.His honesty gets my total respect but I will probably continue to dwell upon and analyze his every word from now until the end of this season, although this may not necessarilly be interpreted as a bad thing.

    • I noticed him saying that last night.

      I dunno if he's backing up my view that he picked the wrong team against Oldham or not but I think it's really good that he's taking responsibility for it.

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      • I think in a way he is, but regardless if one side of us thought it was a good side and another side that didn't, BR did, and obviously for a reason.

        The one thing we can all agree on is; he'd never spend a week of training and preparing for a game, with certain players in mind to feature, and include them in the match day squad 11, if they weren't up to it in training, both pysically and mentally.

        So, I think he's shouldered the blame for putting a little too much faith in certain players, which is fair, because it levels out the blame on the players and in turn, himself..

        It should serve as a wake up call, just like the one that was so well chastized here in regards to Enrique and then Downing, who have both been excellent ever since, and in Downing's case, he came out and said the stern warning and talking to, gave him a "kick up the backside" and it's made him better for it.

        If our youngsters like Sterling, Allen, Wisdom, Coates, Robinson, and Borini, can accept and learn from those words as motivation, then they'll certainly be better for it, because when the club is fit, none of them are starters, some not even 1st choice back up..

        Like Dave, I think the whole performance in all 3 areas of the pitch were a disaster, and they let him down because BR said FA Cup was a big target for them, and a chance for these players to show what they've got.. Considering the addition of Coutinho, Borini back, Assaidi coming back and Enrique getting fit, competition is as fierce as ever, so if they do get picked, they need to perform, and Henderson, Downing and fit Enrique are a perfect example, when they seemed out the door in the summer and would have in January..