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  • Hobsey Hobsey Feb 1, 2013 10:57 Flag

    Rodgers Accepting the Blame..

    I saw that the other day, and you have to say fair play. I think he was really direct that he was blaming the young players for the defeat in the fallout which seemed to leave the experience players on the pitch blameless. That was unfair in itself as the oldest player Brad Jones was the worst just edging out Coates. I think his comment is more of a backtrack on that seeming attack.

    I'm not sure that the side wasn't good enough more the blend of the selection, as you say, it is very easy for us to criticise with hindsight, when I saw the line up I thought we would win.

    I also agree that we responded well against Arsenal, only problem was that we sat soooooo deep when we had the lead, but if it had worked, it would have been deemed tactically sound, after all Carra was in the line up.