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    Rodgers Accepting the Blame..

    It was obviously well documented here, there were two trains of thought for the Oldham Fa Cup match... the side was good enough, and the side was not.

    Opinion is matter of perception, so there really is no right or wrong, unless you want to see the result, after the fact was proof .. but that's subjective and hindsight.

    For me, the side was plenty good enough, and I find 2 mistakes in that one absolutely shocking, particularly the Brad Jones fumble on the floor leading to a tap in.. that's blasphemy!

    But anyways, it was a bad overall performance, and I think Arsenal was a good rebound, and despite some shaky moments, and late pressure, I thought we could have and probably should have gotten 3.. Opinion of course..

    Anyways, in a post match interview, Rodgers in reflection has accepted the blame in who he selected for Oldham, as well as giving emphasis on what he wants the team to do from the get go, not seen in the United match, and for me, obviously mentioning that as another point of emphasis where he feels the blame, and obligation to make sure he gets that from his players. He uses the words brilliant and terrific all the time, and is ever the optimist, so we're always going to hear that and I suppose alot feel because of him speaking that way he thinks everything is always roses, which of course isn't the case..

    "Sunday was more my fault than theirs. I'm a great believer in young players - we've put a lot of trust into them.

    "The problem is if I put them in and I maybe don't have some of our big players, it's difficult. That was how it was for us on Sunday and we're obviously disappointed to go out.

    "But I never had any second thoughts about us getting a reaction. These players have been brilliant and they're improving all the time. Tonight was another performance to show evidence of that.

    "We've tried to reinforce the message about starting well - we were terrific at Manchester United in the second half but we didn't start well."

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    • Hope this keeps those who like to pick at the managers every word happy.

      Personally I don't blame BR for the loss at Oldham, it was the players who let down the club, however as manager he does, and has taken responsibility.

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      • I noticed him saying that last night.

        I dunno if he's backing up my view that he picked the wrong team against Oldham or not but I think it's really good that he's taking responsibility for it.

      • Hey Dave, I dont usually like to pick at every sentence scribed on this Board but were you taught by Yoda? I was glad that BR reflected upon what he had said in haste and frustration and was big enough to recognise a collective fault in the teams poor performance at Oldham.His honesty gets my total respect but I will probably continue to dwell upon and analyze his every word from now until the end of this season, although this may not necessarilly be interpreted as a bad thing.

    • Good post and an example of how the post Oldham press sensationalised brs comments which now appear much more sane. On a point of semantics Jason, he did not accepet blame for wrong selection but instead qualified it by saying he had to use younger players ib the absence of older more experienced ones.

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      • Miguel,

        I don't even think it's the press that sensationalize what he's said, it was very black and white, and more a matter of the reactions here and on various other forumns. Some see the comments for what they are, and others view them in other lights. That's each person's personal view and opinion, but sometimes it seems when he talks post match, he's "damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't".

        Again for me, I thought it was a plenty strong enough side for that match, and with plenty on the bench as well, but he could have started Gerrard, Lucas and Carra, but none of them could have prevented Jones' diabolical mistake, or mistakes from Wisdom, or Coates getting absolutely outjumped and outmuscled for a ball he should win 10/10 times.. We didn't do anything in the final third, with Suarez, Sturridge, Borini and Henderson, so Sterling / Downing aside, not sure what else could have been done there..

        But interestingly, I had a thought similar to this, a comment I heard on Sky today when talking about Rodgers... "If he can't play some of these players now (a game like Oldham), then when can he play them"? That's a very legitimate question to ask really.. Certainly not at Arsenal, not at City, and not at Zenit St Petersberg surely?

        They have to play at some point, and if there's injuries and fatigue from others, they have to be ready for whatever match it is, not matter how big..

    • I think it was good to give a b0llocking, and then come out with these comments.

      The only time I would blame him would be if he endlessly picked an obviously under performing player which cost us points, but I don't think he would do that.

    • If amanager screws up and they know . Then they should be man enough to admit it.

      However the big thing is do they learn from that mistake?

      Rodgers has made quite a few cock ups and he doesn't seem to be learning from them.

    • I saw that the other day, and you have to say fair play. I think he was really direct that he was blaming the young players for the defeat in the fallout which seemed to leave the experience players on the pitch blameless. That was unfair in itself as the oldest player Brad Jones was the worst just edging out Coates. I think his comment is more of a backtrack on that seeming attack.

      I'm not sure that the side wasn't good enough more the blend of the selection, as you say, it is very easy for us to criticise with hindsight, when I saw the line up I thought we would win.

      I also agree that we responded well against Arsenal, only problem was that we sat soooooo deep when we had the lead, but if it had worked, it would have been deemed tactically sound, after all Carra was in the line up.