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  • Colyn Colyn Feb 1, 2013 10:59 Flag

    Successful transfer window?

    Kelly's return is pretty important. That long term injury has made him a bit of a forgotten man. Let's hope he can get up to speed nice and quick and there's no recurrences etc.

    Overall Sturridge has so far proved to be a successful buy. In comparison QPR paid £12.5 for Samba. hmmm. We'll see how Coutinho goes.

    I'm encouraged by the fact tha when you step back and look at the squad overall it has a completely different look and feel to the one we had at the back end of last season. Last season it was disjointed, bloated and just wasn't right at all. Now we have players that more directly suit what Rodgers want to do, they're in the majority very young (which may or may not prove to be an issue ref Oldham!), it has pace and you ca see what's going on. There's a plan and direction. We're still short, make no bones about it. A good left back, a growing goal keeper issue and I still think we need something a bit special in the middle.

    I'm also encourage to see that a few of the so called players that were easy picks to be moved on are all of a sudden making valid cases for Rodgers to have second thoughts.

    Hopefully, we can turn this into results now. We still haven't beaten anyone in the top 10 and I think that improvement on our current postion will rely on that fact changing

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    • Noo NOO ...Have to agree with u. Want to see a major MONSTER in the middle of the back line an old fashioned big hardman centrehalf totally dominant in the air with some real mobility on ground too not a carthorse that requires half the pitch to turn around. I think Kelly's ret. could prove critical and like u hope their is no recurrence of the problem thats kept him out so long. If Lucas continues to regain confidence I think we will soon see the player he was before this bad injury took him out. I would really like to see another WORLD CLASS striker added to the books as we are only one injury away from the same old crisis up front...and yes of course Pepe must be down the road end of season to Barca and hopefully we can get somebody in inspires confidence in our defenders. All this is going to take a bit of coin on the table from the owners and I spose it depends if they have the nerve or indeed the money to bring in whats required to flesh out this squad and have a serious shot next season at... THE TITLE ?