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  • Robert M Robert M Feb 1, 2013 17:26 Flag

    Successful transfer window?

    Dave, I think you need to worry more about FFP. Spending lots of dosh in the transfer windows may make the fans happy in the short term but what if you get banned from European competition in the longer term?

    You should look at a club like Chelsea to see how to do it. Not only did CFC report a profit in the most recent accounts it also made a profit in the transfer window.

    Hope this helps.


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    • That's good Robert. Don't you know we're owned by the Sheiks of Massachusetts who are drilling for oil and natural gas under Boston Common, so we've no need for FFP anymore!

      Although to be serious, as I'm sure you know FFP does not mean a club cannot spend money, just can't live beyond its means. If the club is plowing all its profits back into the club to ensure greater success I'm all for that.

      But maybe the world is turning upside down with even City having a negative net spend in this window, but then again they've got a lot of red ink to balance.