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  • RonJ RonJ Feb 1, 2013 18:10 Flag

    Successful transfer window?

    Is your determination, that we have had a successful transfer window,solely based on the fact that we actually bought 2 players to hopefully strengthen the team? Am I being a little too cautious in daring to hope that in the fullness of time the same two players will have successfully proved their worth by the end of the season and thus have equally proved that we have indeed enjoyed a successful transfer window by the same definition?

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    • Sturridge seems to have slotted in nicely..

      As for Coutinho we can only hope he'll be a star like Suarez has been..

      As far as I'm aware he still hasn't been granted a work permit..

      So what do we do in that event? Loan him somewhere in Europe until he qualifies for a permit then get him back?

    • I'm not really sure I understand your question. In my mind the best use of any transfer window it to try and strengthen the team. Whether that has actually occurred or not can't be proven immediately and will be tested in time, but I do think that is what the club tried to do.

      But it’s also nice to see this window also shows that the owners are trying to support the club financially toward progress. Again, whether there will be actual progress, only time will tell, but by providing the manager with funds and not asking him to raise money from sales that does look like their intent.

      Additionally I think it helps to dispel the common notion of some that they are only about balancing the books and taking their pound of flesh. I do have no doubt that they want LFC to be profitable from which they can take their share, but it looks for now that they want to invest in the club so it can gain success and therefore create even more profit later.

      That sounds much more like days past when we as supporters did not worry about the books, because we did not have to worry about the financial health of our club. The owners always took their profit, but provided enough investment to keep the success on the pitch as that was the secret of the gravy train we all enjoyed. Ownership like that avoids the boom and bust which has impacted so many other clubs, and almost took us down through the miss management of the Toxic Texan, so I do hope we have returned to prudent ownership.

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      • Dave,I was merely being curious to enquire if your view of it being a "successful transfer window" was based solely upon the fact that we actually managed to secure 2 new players to both (belatedly) replace Carroll and the more recently departed Sahin, or if in your mind you had already decided that they were both going to prove successful additions to the strength of the team. I am merely suggesting some caution before jumping to the latter conclusion, since purchases in a previous transfer window had give cause to hope, only to have these dashed as that season and the next progressed to an unhappy conclusion. Although Dan Sturridge is showing signs of forging a successful partnership with Luis Suarez, I have to say that I was marginally disappointed with his performance at Oldham last week. I just hope and pray they are back in the groove for Citeh.