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  • Loki Loki Feb 2, 2013 16:28 Flag

    Andy.... It's time.. (sorry)

    Armchair - as ever your answer reveals a lot about your mentality, and sadly your intelligence

    £200 million is not that much to spend on a footballer today? Really?? As far as I'm aware, the record is Ronaldo for £80 mil, with the economic climate that wont be broken any time soon.

    Then you advocate spending 100 million on 2 players!

    You totally ignored my question about how many players of £30 million + have City, Chelsea and yeah let's throw in United have signed.

    The bragging rights comment is exactly what I would expect from someone who doesn't go the game. Only trophies matter, and taking the p!ss out of the blue sh!tes or Mancs doesn't give me much joy if they end up finishing above us!

    Then, unbelievably, you say 'there is another way of being top dog and that's to spend less money on better players.' !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just exactly what the f*ck do you think the club have been trying to do? Sometimes there is a global shaking of the head at what you write! Do you ever think about what you are writing????? Perhaps you should......otherwise you will continue to have less intelligence than the botulism pathogen!