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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Feb 2, 2013 22:50 Flag

    Andy.... It's time.. (sorry)

    What I'm saying Loki is that the rich clubs in this world wouldn't wouldn't sweat at spending £200m on players..

    Thats my point.. Messi for example went for over £100m + wages..

    What I was getting at in terms of "bragging rights" is there's 2 ways to look at it. Either buying the top players and show them off and the fans of that club then bragging on who they signed. The other way is to be clever and sign players for clever deals and they then turn out to be good.. case in point Torres & Saurez.. both their values shot up when with us.. Torres' value more or less doubled in price when we sold him.. Suarez's value too looks to have doubled since we aquired him..

    Yes i can see what the club is trying to do.. They're buying them young and hopefully will improve enough so their value doubles so if a big offer comes along they more than likely will be moved on.. Then the ball starts rolling again..