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  • Jason Jason Feb 4, 2013 02:31 Flag

    Andy.... It's time.. (sorry)

    Hey Colin,

    Yep, watching the game, though watching the super bowl when your team isn't in it, and could have/should have (I'm a Broncos fan) is tough.. plus this is a beatdown..

    Anyways, I couldn't find it in exact quotes so I'll have a look tomorrow, or you certainly can, but this seems to highlight what I was saying about FSG writing off bad debt from the cowboys, the first guy's post.. looks like it was 37M

    I'm in no way, shape, or form, trying to make you like them anymore than you have to, nor anyone else, I'm just trying to point out that while they say very little, and do things a little slower and more measured than we'd all like, they definitely do things, and really aren't getting much in return aside from money they're due, from profits on matchdays and commercial deals. Can you imagine buying a club for under 400M, in the shape we were, then buying some players, then buying more, who under performed, and then forking over 37M (or 27M) right out of your pocket on a stadium plan/grounds that didn't even have a shovel in the dirt? That would make me sick to my stomach..

    Without exact figures and just guessing, they've probably spent in excess of 500M on all things, and not taken a penny more than deserved. While it's a different sport/league all together, I can tell you that the Red Sucks are nothing but a cash cow, hobby and play thing to them.. and rightfully so..

    The direction we're going on all fronts is very good, especially, if you look at other owners like the Glaziers for example.. They like to operate every year in the -300+ range, which means they're spending and keeping, but no balance, and only paying when they reach the point where the banks are ready to pull the plug. Difference is obviously they've got Fergie and a 25+ year structure in place..

    Look at our game today, who should have won in reality and who should have won on paper? It's amazing that they're worth more than double, probably salary wise too, position vs position and without that idiotic mistake by Reina, we're a few mins from a win that was more convincing than 2-1.. Bitter sweet, but all signs pointing upwards.. Not to mention, I'd take some of our starters over theirs and our bench over theirs too!