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  • colin colin Feb 2, 2013 17:26 Flag

    Andy.... It's time.. (sorry)

    jason...irregardless of how Andy fares rest oif this season think it highly likely he will end up back with us...just dont see WHU matching the salary he is on with us . I still see him as the great...PLAN B evenif only coming off the bench. WHU have an agreement to buy but it doesnt inc Andy having to sign for them and I assume he is going to want more or less same money to within say a thou or so of his current with us.
    What I see as a pos alternative is the loan being extended and no transfer clause at all simply to save his wages and save face for BR ...Which I think would be a mistake for the club and BR who should be big enough to put any bad feeling behind him and Andy and try and nurture Andy into becoming the player Kenny obviously thought he would be ...who knows maybe by end of this season we will be glad to have him back if he shows good form...Swansea are nobodys mugs and WHU were well out of form last result before this 501 whupping from Arsenal..Andy comes back for them and ...WHUMP from the forehead and 3 pts in the bag...would that we had have him startat Oldham hed have sorted out that big lump of a centre forward they had ...u recall the way he defended set pieces ? You think that big lump would have been able to push him around ?

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    • Colin, the fact is, the game we play now is all dependant on mobility of players and I'm afraid Carroll will not have that mobility as long as he's got a hole in his @rse. He doesn't have the pace either. To be fair, I wanted him to be given more of a chance but he hasn't so as far as I am concerned he is no longer a liverpool player. He should also have played the full 90 in the cup final, but hey-ho. It's not to be!

      If we flog him for the reported £18 mil then we can have another class forward for the same bunce in Damaio who would fit our game to a tee! Anyone who saw the Olympics could see that and I think he will be a star-striker someday soon whoever he plays for. Spurs won't be back in for him either it's said.

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      • Colin,

        The thing is with Andy and the whole "plan B" and "even if he is that", doesn't work for us in any way, shape, or form, financially.
        His wages are somewhere around 60-70K weekly, and if you do the math, that over the course of the season is enough to have bought us, a player you and I both fancy, Tom Ince, with some to spare.. In that scenario, which gets your vote?

        Also, for the whole "Plan B", when fit, Carroll has only 3 headed goals in 2 seasons, out of his 7.. Not only is 7 goals in matches started for LFC and WHU bad enough, but a player who's been bought, and the build for powering them home, makes 3 with his head, pretty damn bad. Skrtel has more with his head this year, and in 2 years combined..

        Also, now that we have Sturridge, a regular starter, and despite you not liking him, Borini as third choice, plus Coutinho who is a "10" or play behind the striker type, in addition to Andy not fitting and Brendan not fancying him, he'd be nearly 5th choice, which again isn't good enough, nor financially sound..

        I think we will be in for another one in the summer, and like Loki pointed out, someone I really rate in that next tier below the Cavani's of the world, Leandro Damaio.. We had been linked in the summer, but we needed to sell alot first, and Internacional didn't want to sell until January, and then rebuffed Spurs in January, so he will be available this summer.

        He's already a star and starter for Brazil, 23 years old, and far more skilled than many strikers out there, let alone Andy, and probably not on wages like him, or others in Europe, so he'd fit the profile of a 20Mish buy, and 50-60K wages.. Neither impossible for us, but not with Andy in the picture.. In addition to his skill and pace, he's a big lad with aerial presence..

        Ask yourself of the above scenarios.. would you prefer to hang on to someone who's never going to start, cost us money we can't spend, sit and maybe get 10-15 mins here and there, or sell him on, wish him well, and have the opportunity to buy someone better ..

        I can't guarantee you or anyone Damaio will set the league on fire, but I can guarantee he'll get more than 7 goals in 2 seasons wherever he ends up, and if it's one of our rivals, while we're stuck with Andy instead, I think we know the logical answer there..

      • Loki...what Im saying is better we pay Andy's salary and have a valid PLAN B...OLDHAM , MANSFIELD , STOKE, ARSENAL (at home) VILLA.SWANSEA.. Think about it...IF just from the Prem League games I mentioned we'd managed to garner two home wins and an away draw with Plan B that would have totalled another7pts and we would be where inthe League 4th ? Think in the Cup games wed still be in both competitions and would surely with Plan B seen off Mansfield at a canter...so the potential increase in revenue that all would have brought in would surely warrant paying Andy's salary? Plus u have a Plan B much like we always had with peter Crouch until Benitez foolishly punted the lad on. Lets be honest if BR's game is all about mobility then I fail to see where that mobility is other than for themost part side to side and backward...Wenger and his Arsenal lads showed us what "mobility" was allabout the other night did u notice how almost every ball was moved down the wings at a rapid pace and the ball was always going ...FORWARD ! I think until BR's theories on "mobility" start to show up as proven weare far better off to always have a PLAN B.
        Also I feel unless we are practically prepared to give Andy away we arent going to see much come back for him irrespective of how the rest of hisseason with WHU pans out so hopefully the owners wil put the coin on the table to further deepen and strengthen the current squad...after all BR is forever refering to ...how thin his squad is.?