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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 4, 2013 19:21 Flag

    City game

    Hobs, I agree with much of that, and it’s actually amazing that despite some not having outstanding performances we are able to hold our own, which tells me a small step up and this squad can produce even more.

    Jose stands out for me. We really do look a much more balanced side when he's in the starting 11 both defensively and going forward, but I agree he did not have an outstanding day at the office which makes him a real threat for us when he is at his best.

    I'd also call out Lucas, who I felt did a magnificent job in patrolling the center, leaving the City front line feeding on scraps. It’s not pretty what he does, but it is efficient and it allows Gerrard, and now Henderson to really be influential.

    The one that has me scratching my head is Riena. Understandable why everyone is pointing to the rush of blood that made him come out for a ball he had no business going after, but I agree with you, other than that it’s really hard to fault his performance yesterday. He made the saves he had to, and was the outlet behind the center backs when they needed him.

    There is a lot of talk about which keeper we should be going for in the summer but I'd advise caution. I know Pepe has made too many mistakes of late, but good keepers (and he is a top class keeper) may have dips in form, mental lapses, but they don't go bad overnight.

    He's still relatively young for a keeper and still has at least 5 maybe 7 or 8 good years in him, and I'd hate to see him at his best somewhere else. Now maybe his head has been turned by talk of Barca, and maybe that is the problem because he's already half out the door. If that is the case of course we need to look for a replacement, however I'm not sure we as fans should be the ones trying to push him the rest of the way out the door.

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    • agree 100% on the reina comments Dsteer. He has not become a bad keeper, rather he is having a dip in form. a lot of fans are very quick to turn on players when they hit a low point. i would struggle to think of a substantial number of better keepers in world football. his dad didn't help with the barca talk, perhaps thats whats happened with the supporters on this occasion. reminds me of that other bald chap that didn't stick around very long after his mum started chatting nonsense.

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      • Thats what you call taking a balanced view guys so well done. However, lets recall the Downing, Enrique, Henderson scenario.

        All three were playing poorly. Jose, for a couple of months, Hendo and Downing for a season or so until BR lit a fire under them and now we see the improvement. As regards Pepe, it´s been the best part of three seasons and he is not improving rather he is becoming less commanding, more erratic and costing us results.

        Perhaps the BR fire has not been lit or perhaps it has and he has not responded. Either way, we need to see him start getting back to what he was five years ago or else we need to be looking for a replacement in the summer.