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  • Just thought I´d start this as I expect there won´t be a thread after the game with more action likely along the sack the manager theme!

    Good first half even if Luis is strangely wayward with some of his shooting. Great equaliser from Sturridge who I hope comes out second half.

    Playing with perhaps just a little too much caution for me maybe and relying on scoring on the break but overall a pleasing showing so far. Defense much better overall which is nice. Jamie obviously having his usual influence.

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    • I normally like to write up my post match review but the office is cold and my fingers hurt so I am going to do a short sentence analysis player by player!

      Reina: Other then the mistake looked really solid and reliable, crazy moment would have been easily forgotten had Aguero not pulled off that audacious finish. When you find yourself coming to his defence so regularly, there is a problem.

      Johnson: For me, only Zabaletta could hold a claim to being a more consistent performer, ironic that they both dropped a clanger each today. Wouldnt swap him for anyone in England.

      Carragher: Never let pace be a concern, so tight to his man and uses every part of his body and mind to avoid being caught in 1 vs 1's. Like a new signing.

      Agger: Looked woeful 1st half but adds so much to the build up going forward.

      Enrique: Average outing but understandable on return from injury.

      Downing: Goes through some graft, not amazing creatively today but looked progressive and intelligent.

      Gerrard: Made some weird hollywood attempts, I guess they always either look great or woeful, fantastic engine and nothing needs be said about that strike.

      Lucas: Looked the 'old' Lucas, hustle and bustle and snappy passing.

      Henderson: Joe Allen must be kicking himself watching Jordy tear it up, his shirt to lose now.

      Sturridge: Probably the best he has ever played for anyone, absolute menace, great passing, never lost the ball and venomous striking. Awful tache though.

      Suarez: Nice jinkery and work rate, finishing was poor considering how many chances he had.

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      • Hobs, I agree with much of that, and it’s actually amazing that despite some not having outstanding performances we are able to hold our own, which tells me a small step up and this squad can produce even more.

        Jose stands out for me. We really do look a much more balanced side when he's in the starting 11 both defensively and going forward, but I agree he did not have an outstanding day at the office which makes him a real threat for us when he is at his best.

        I'd also call out Lucas, who I felt did a magnificent job in patrolling the center, leaving the City front line feeding on scraps. It’s not pretty what he does, but it is efficient and it allows Gerrard, and now Henderson to really be influential.

        The one that has me scratching my head is Riena. Understandable why everyone is pointing to the rush of blood that made him come out for a ball he had no business going after, but I agree with you, other than that it’s really hard to fault his performance yesterday. He made the saves he had to, and was the outlet behind the center backs when they needed him.

        There is a lot of talk about which keeper we should be going for in the summer but I'd advise caution. I know Pepe has made too many mistakes of late, but good keepers (and he is a top class keeper) may have dips in form, mental lapses, but they don't go bad overnight.

        He's still relatively young for a keeper and still has at least 5 maybe 7 or 8 good years in him, and I'd hate to see him at his best somewhere else. Now maybe his head has been turned by talk of Barca, and maybe that is the problem because he's already half out the door. If that is the case of course we need to look for a replacement, however I'm not sure we as fans should be the ones trying to push him the rest of the way out the door.

    • I watched the game on Sky yesterday, expecting Citeh to put you away, to be honest.

      They were fortunate to get a point at the end of the day and I was impressed by the pace and aggressiveness of your team. Gerrard and Sturridge scored two contenders for goal of the season.

      Thoroughly enjoyed the game.

      Consistency is now the aim, play like that every week and .......

    • Gerrard's passing was a little off..

    • Miguel...just read that UniTURD are in like Flynn for Begovic in a 9 mill squid deal obviously getting a jump on end of season to get their job done as they have stated they will be getting rid of David DE gEA to anyone prepared to match what they paid for him. That in tandem with Stoke signing Jack Butland seems to leave that part of our admin structure responsible for getting the job done with egg on their faces ..as usual...think these guys responsible for this farce should be down the road sooner rather than later and some competent bods brought in. Those of u about to quote Sturridge..no option we were too light up front ...and Couhtino...when will he play and how necessary was he/is he by comparison to a left back MONSTER centre back and new keeper ? The very least we should be doing is not letting UniTURD get away with it so easy we shopuld push the price of Begovic through the ceiling and then drop out and drop him expensive on their toes or worst ways we still get him and they dont...NOT just sit around and let them purchase best keeper around for a feckin song !

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      • Isn't it amazing how we outplayed City on two occasions this season, drawing both 2-2, with both ending in just terrible 1 time mistakes..? A back pass by Skrtel, and a brainless mistake by Reina.. Or as Peter Drury said "absolutely STUPID".

        We were absolutely fantastic in every aspect, and I'm heartbroken by that mistake, and when seeing Rodgers' face, all I could feel was disgust, because that was all ours..

        I personally targeted 4 points from these 2 difficult away fixtures, and actually leaned on this for the win since Arsenal refuse to lose to us, and with 2 pts at the worst case. We've got West Brom and Swans back to back at home, neither are a slouch, but that type of effort can earn 6 pts..

        As for Reina, he can start house shopping in Barcelona now. I'd be all chips in for Begovic from Stoke, afterall, they bought Butland for a reason..

        Again, an absolutely mangificent performance from the entire team, and the fans. If that wasn't a sign of us progressing, than I don't know what is. As a positive person, all I can do is think good thoughts when including other/newer players, and adapting more and more to BR's system, along with whatever he does in the summer.

        Even in a draw, I feel extremely proud today, only sad for the players. And, Suarez was active, but not as sharp as usual, and we still menaced them at the back and all around the box!

        Onwards and upwards! YNWA

    • Caution lads! I´d like to agree when you say fourth is attainable but its one hell of a points gap at the moment and we are due another massive step backwards if our season stays true to form - hopefully not against WBA though.

      Well done all today YNWA

    • Miguel...Great game fiercely contested. Dont know about others but considering the venue and the status of the opposition Id say it was our best performance of the season .Shame poor positioning sense from Reina...yet again...cost us those extra two points.
      Two points from the two away fixtures v Arsenal and Citeh this last wek was the best Id expected and well..its two games we didnt lose to TOP 6 opposition eh . Two superb goals from Stevie G and Dan Sturridge today !

    • best we´ve played all season.

      Thanks Pepe, you cost us three points with that idiotic display from which Aguero scored!!

      We were overall the better team.